Illinois 4th grade book says white voters rejected Barack Obama because of his race

Illinois 4th grade book says white voters rejected Barack Obama because of his race

DUPO, Ill. – Fourth graders in Dupo, Illinois are reading a biography of Barack Obama that’s raising eyebrows among St. Clair County parents. The book, which supplements the school’s Common Core curriculum, blames television for the negative behaviors the first African-American president picked up as a teen: The book – brought to the attention this week of those on the “Moms… Read more →

Liberman: Israel needs allies besides the United States

Liberman: Israel needs allies besides the United States

Israel should not rely on the US as much as it traditionally has, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman said at the Sderot Conference Wednesday. “The Americans have a lot of problems and challenges around the world that they need to solve and they have problems at home. We need to understand them and our place in the global arena,” Liberman said… Read more →

Hezbollah Indoctrinates Youth with Messages of Hate and Murder

Today, as the world marks International Children’s Day, Hezbollah continues to encourage Lebanese children to join its mission of global terrorism. The organization’s goal is clear: to inspire children to become terrorists.
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Why Obama Fears The Gettysburg Address

Why Obama Fears The Gettysburg Address

President Barack Obama has elected not to attend the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address on Tuesday, Nov. 19th. Instead, he will be meeting with Senators at the White House to persuade them not to impose new sanctions on Iran, and to convince them of the merits of an agreement that will allow Iran to continue to enrich uranium at low levels. No doubt,… Read more →

Air Force drops 'So Help Me God' from oaths

Air Force drops ‘So Help Me God’ from oaths

The Air Force Academy has admitted they removed the phrase “so help me God” from three oaths in the 2012 edition of their official cadet handbook, Fox News has learned. The revelation came after more than two dozen members of Congress sent a letter to Academy Supt. Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson demanding that she explain why the phrase was removed…. Read more →

President Obama Removes ‘God’ From Gettysburg Address

President Obama Leaves Out An Important Word In His Reading Of The Gettysburg Address: GOD – Drops ‘God’ from Address
WASHINGTON — One nation under God? Under President Obama, maybe not so much.
As first reported on WMAL’s Chris Plante Show Tuesday, the Commander-in-Chief joined a cast of 61 other noted lawmakers, politicians, news anchors and celebrities, including every living President, in reciting the Gettysburg Address, which President Abraham Lincoln delivered on November 19, 1863.
The dignitaries all delivered the address as Lincoln had written it, including the phrase, “that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom.” (Click to listen). Curiously, however, in his version of the address, President Obama omitted the words “under God.”

“The world thinks it's funding peace, but instead the Palestinians are funding terror”

“The world thinks it’s funding peace, but instead the Palestinians are funding terror”

Terror pays in the West Bank and Gaza, where killers recently freed by Israel under pressure from the U.S. are getting six-figure payments and military promotions from the Palestinian Authority. Issa Abed Rabbo, the longest serving of some 104 Palestinian prisoners to be released, is getting the standard $50,000 the PA pays to freed terrorists, plus another $60,000 and the… Read more →

Christianity is at risk of extinction in some parts of the world due to growing persecution

Christianity is at risk of extinction in some parts of the world due to growing persecution

Christianity is at risk of extinction in some parts of the world due to growing persecution of minority communities, a minister has warned. Baroness Warsi said Christians were in danger of being driven out of countries, such as Syria and Iraq, where the religion first took root. Syria’s civil war and the instability in Iraq has seen many leave. Baroness… Read more →

Profits from Pain: Late-Term Abortion in Albuquerque

For more footage from this clinic, watch:
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“Profits from Pain”: Live Action Exposes Dangerous Late-Term Abortion Procedure in Albuquerque
Vote on “Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Ordinance” to Take Place Next Week

Arlington VA — As citizens of Albuquerque, New Mexico prepare to vote on a groundbreaking fetal pain ordinance on Nov. 19, the pro-life organization Live Action today released a new investigative video that exposes the gruesome particulars of the late-term abortion procedure and the sleazy business side of the abortion industry.

The video, titled “Profits from Pain,” features a new investigative recording from the notorious late-term abortion facility Southwestern Women’s Options. Live Action exposed this abortion facility’s gruesome and negligent practices in this past summer’s Inhuman investigation.

Video: Afghan Shi’ite Muslims beating themselves in memory of martyrdom

Hundreds of Afghan Shi’ite Muslims in Kabul on tuesday were beating themselves with steel-tipped chains in memory of martyrdom of Mahomet’s grandson, Hussein.

Imam Hussein was killed during battle in 680 AD in Kerbala, now part of modern day Iraq. Many Shi’ites mourn his death by trying to feel his pain.

“When I was 15 years old I started hitting myself to commemorate (Imam) Hussein’s martyrdom with our blood. I used to hit my back with the chains but now I am hitting my chest. I have promised God that as long as I am alive I would shed my blood to mark Hussein’s martyrdom because Hussein scarified himself for Allah,” Abdul Aziz Karbalaiee said.

Shi’ite Muslims make up nearly 15 per cent of the Muslim world. Other countries marking Ashura, which falls on the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar, include Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Syria.