Polar vortex to make shocking summer return in eastern U.S. next week

Call it the ghost of the polar vortex, the polar vortex sequel, or the polar vortex’s revenge. Meteorological purists may tell you it’s not a polar vortex at all. However you choose to refer to the looming weather pattern, unseasonably chilly air is headed for parts of the northern and northeastern U.S at the height of summer early next week.

Bearing a haunting resemblance to January’s brutally cold weather pattern, a deep pool of cool air from the Gulf of Alaska will plunge into the Great Lakes early next week and then ooze towards the East Coast.

6-10 day outlook from National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center

Of course, this is July, not January, so temperatures forecast to be roughly 10 to as much as 30 degrees below average won’t have quite the same effect.

Temperature anomalies (or difference from normal) Tuesday midday from European model (

But make no mistake, in parts of the Great Lakes and Upper Midwest getting dealt the chilliest air, hoodies and jeans will be required. Highs in this region could well get stuck in the 50s and 60s – especially where there is considerable cloud cover.

Wednesday morning’s lows may drop into the  40s over a large part of the central U.S. Remember, this is July!

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State of emergency declared after 20 inches of rain in 24 hours

State of emergency declared after 20 inches of rain in 24 hours

LOUISVILLE, Miss. –  Florida Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency Wednesday after his state was hit with more than 20 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, killing at least one and leaving others stranded in their houses and cars in the state’s Panhandle. Escambia County spokesman Bill Pearson told The Pensacola News Journal that at least… Read more →

A huge sandstorm has swept through northwestern China causing over 100 fires, extensive damage and reduced visibility to zero in some states.

USA: Giant hailstones unleash destruction in Kansas

Winter storm brought snow and ice from Texas to North Carolina

Winter storm brought snow and ice from Texas to North Carolina

ATLANTA, Feb. 12 (UPI) – A deadly winter storm brought snow and ice from Texas to North Carolina Wednesday, canceling thousands of flights and making roads dangerous for travel. The National Weather Service said ice and sleet could be “potentially crippling” in Atlanta, Athens and Augusta in Georgia and in Raleigh and other parts of central North Carolina, which could… Read more →

CANDIA, N.H. (CBS) — Janine Richardson couldn’t believe it when she and her husband went to bring in some firewood to heat their home and it was all gone.

“We don’t use oil at all,” said Richardson. “We heat by wood solely so it was cold, it was cold that night, luckily we had little scraps around so we burnt that for the night.”

Police in Candia New Hampshire says it’s happened at least twice this month. Heavy piles of firewood have been stolen from people’s property.

“I haven’t seen that in this area,” said Candia Police Chief Mike McGillen. “I can’t recall having many investigations like this.”


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Niagara Falls freezes over

Tourists who braved record low temperatures to visit Niagara Falls have been treated to a spectacular sight.

Water turned to ice as it plunged over the 34-metre-high American Falls – one of three waterfalls which form the popular tourist attraction on the border between the United States and Canada.

Icy chunks tumbled over the crest of the falls and long icicles were left dangling above the frozen Niagara River below.

The unusual sight came as a polar vortex that gripped the US for four days, plunging temperatures to -37C (-35F) and leaving at least 21 people dead, finally began to ease its grip.

The crippling cold, which affected more than half the US population as it spread from the Midwest to the East and South, has been pushed northwards, leaving warmer weather and calmer winds in its wake.

White House blames 'polar vortex' on global warming

White House blames ‘polar vortex’ on global warming

The Obama administration is pushing back against skeptics who claim this week’s “polar vortex” of cold weather is proof global warming is a myth, saying weather patterns such as these are actually a result of climate change. In a post on the official White House blog Wednesday, the administration starts by saying no single weather event proves or disproves climate… Read more →

Dangerously low temperatures across Midwest; Northeast next


Heavy snow, dangerous cold bite northeastern U.S.

Heavy snow, dangerous cold bite northeastern U.S.

(Reuters) – A heavy snowstorm and dangerously cold conditions gripped the northeastern United States on Friday, delaying flights, paralyzing road travel and closing schools and government offices across the region. Boston was hardest-hit by the first major winter storm of 2014, getting nearly 14 inches of snow, while some towns north of New England’s largest city saw close to two… Read more →