Mission Accomplished: ‘Fixed’ Obamcare Site Crashes Live on CNN

Mission Accomplished: ‘Fixed’ Obamcare Site Crashes Live on CNN

Another public humiliation for Healthcare.gov. On the morning of the federal exchange site reboot, CNN hoped to demonstrate the success of the “tech surge” revamp of the site live for its viewers. But “then came the roadblock.” To the embarrassment and consternation of the CNN crew, the site crashed live.

Not only did the site fail on air, the technician admits in the segment that his attempt to enroll that morning ended up failing too with the site giving him an error message about 8 minutes into the process. Millions sunk into a site that, two months after its grand launch, still cannot function properly.

Speaking of millions: Millions of Americans have received cancelation notices on policies they were promised by the president they could keep. Many of those canceled policies lapse at the end of the year. With a two-week turn around for new policies, that gives millions of Americans less than two weeks to either enroll for a plan on the federal exchange or scramble to find a new policy on the open market.

Either way, thanks to Obamacare, millions of Americans are finding themselves forced to enroll in policies with higher premiums and deductibles.


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