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Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time

Apocalyptic prophecies drive both sides to Syrian battle for end of time

(Reuters) – Conflict in Syria kills hundreds of thousands of people and spreads unrest across the Middle East. Iranian forces battle anti-Shi’ite fighters in Damascus, and the region braces for an ultimate showdown. If the scenario sounds familiar to an anxious world watching Syria’s devastating civil war, it resonates even more with Sunni and Shi’ite fighters on the frontlines – who believe… Read more →

Palestinians make moves toward statehood

(Reuters) – A surprise decision by President Mahmoud Abbas to sign more than a dozen international conventions that could give Palestinians greater leverage against Israel left the United States struggling on Wednesday to put peace talks back on track.

A senior Palestinian official, voicing frustration deepened by Israel’s failure to carry out a pledged release of several dozen Palestinian prisoners, said the eight-month-old talks had become merely “negotiating about negotiating”.

The Palestinians on Wednesday handed over to a U.N. representative and other diplomats applications Abbas signed late on Tuesday to join 15 international conventions.

They include the Geneva Conventions, the key text of international law on the conduct of war and occupation.

Palestinian officials said Israel’s failure to let the prisoners go meant Abbas no longer had to stick to a commitment not to confront it at the U.N. and other international bodies.

The developments further complicated efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to piece together a three-way deal to push the faltering negotiations past an April 29 deadline and into 2015.

The talks were already in trouble over the issues of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem – land captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East War – and Palestinian opposition to Netanyahu’s demand to recognize Israel as a Jewish state.


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Ukraine parliament votes to disarm illegal self-defence groups

The Ukrainian parliament has approved a move to disarm illegal self-defence groups that sprang up around the country during the protests against the previous government.

The vote was unopposed and followed a shooting in central Kyiv on Monday night in which three people were wounded.

A suspected member of a nationalist group was detained.

“Those who have weapons can only belong to the Ukrainian armed forces, the National Guard and Ukraine’s security service, or other military groups,”

Venezuela violence: Protesters filmed setting fire to a police water cannon in Caracas

The protests in Caracas are aimed at President Nicolas Maduro who is being called on to resign. He says protesters want a coup. The numbers for those who have died are conflicting. The government claims it is 39 while the opposition reckons it is 28. More than 500 people have been injured since the start of the protests in early February.

Report: Koreas exchange fire during military drills

North and South Korea exchanged fire after North Korea’s shells landed in South Korean waters during a military drill.

California senator, alleged mobsters netted in American Hustle-style FBI sting

California senator, alleged mobsters netted in American Hustle-style FBI sting

Call it “American Hustle” gone West. An elaborate FBI sting culminated this week after two undercover officers — who posed as East Coast Mafia members — helped take down 26 Californians, including an influential state senator with alleged ties to an Asian mob. State Sen. Leland Yee, an outspoken Democrat who is a gun control and open government advocate, was… Read more →

Killing of far right activist: calls for Ukraine interior minister to quit

The shooting of Oleksander Muzychko also known as Sashko Bily in Ukraine has led to calls for the acting interior minister to stand down.

The activist, part of the Right Sector movement that played a leading role in the overthrow of President Viktor Yanukovych was killed, say the Interior Ministry by officers of the ‘Sokol’ special unit.

“We can’t keep silent while the Ministry of the Interior is acting against the revolution. This is why we demand that the acting Minister Arsen Avakov resigns…

Sen. Ted Cruz Speaks on the Hobby Lobby Case


'Civilization Jihad': “Eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within"

‘Civilization Jihad’: “Eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within”

Want to know what our Islamist enemies have in mind for America? Look at Europe. Virtually every country there has found itself under siege from Muslims seeking to impose the supremacist Islamic doctrine they call shariah on everyone else. The preeminent organization promoting this agenda is the Muslim Brotherhood, now banned as a terrorist group in its home country of… Read more →

Bad education: School workbook redefines Second Amendment