As Obama Releases Taliban, Holder Focuses On ‘Domestic Terror Groups’

Eric Holder has seen the enemy, and he’s waving a Gadsden flag. At the very same moment the Obama Administration chose to release five, high-level Taliban terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, Attorney General Eric Holder has re-constituted an FBI group aimed at domestic terrorism.

Specifically citing groups that held “anti-government animus,” Holder authorized the re-formation of the group  originally formed after the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing but dissolved after the Sept. 11, 2001 terror attacks.

“We must also concern ourselves with the continued danger we face from individuals within our own borders who may be motivated by a variety of other causes from anti-government animus to racial prejudice,” Holder said Tuesday.

According to Reuters, attacks like the April 2013 bombing of the Boston Marathon would not fall under the jurisdiction of the group, named the Domestic Terrorism Executive Committee, since the those terrorists were inspired by international extremist groups.  Instead, the new group will seek to prevent attacks like the hate-motivated shootings such as the one at a Jewish Community Center in Kansas City, MO in April.

Lee Rowland, an attorney with the ACLU, expressed concern that this group will increase the government’s role in monitoring speech. “Attorney General Holder’s announcement that the new task force will focus on evidence of anti-government animus and racial intolerance raises concerns that it could be a sweeping mandate to monitor and collect controversial speech,” Rowland said.

This is a copy of the full article provided by the Conservatives at Truth Revolt

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