Media Blacks Out Warren Buffett’s Billion-Dollar Pro-Abortion Efforts

Tuesday, Fox News opinion writer Dan Gainor outlined Warren Buffett’s long-time, extensive support of abortion providers and advocacy organizations, giving over $1.2 billion to abortion groups since 2001 and placing a fervent abortion activist at the head of his own charity. Despite Buffett’s billion-dollar efforts to promote abortion, however, the media has almost entirely blacked out the story.

Gainor claims that from 2001 to 2012, the liberal billionaire gave over $1.2 billion to abortion providers and advocacy groups, like Planned Parenthood and NARAL.Gainor argues that while some of these organizations do more than provide abortions, Buffett has deliberately made abortion “the core of his agenda.” Buffett named his own charity, The Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation, after his first wife, a strong abortion proponent, and put its domestic operations in the hands of Tracy Weitz, a former Planned Parenthood and Bixby Center activist who once called abortion “a moral action undertaken by moral agents.”

Despite the hundreds of millions Buffett has funneled to abortion groups, the media has entirely ignored that aspect of his advocacy. Gainor claims that in 545 appearances and mentions of Buffett since 2001, only once did even an indirect reference to Buffett’s pro-abortion charity efforts occur:

Since 2001, there has only been one tangential mention of Buffett’s support for abortion on the broadcast TV network morning and evening news shows. It wasn’t even really about Buffett. It was the NBC “Nightly News” obituary for his wife and it included her support for Planned Parenthood. That’s out of at least 545 appearances or mentions of the Berkshire Hathaway chairman and CEO.

Nowhere did the media explain how Buffett has given $289,811,421 to Planned Parenthood since 2001. Buffett was never mentioned as a top donor when Live Action embarrassed Planned Parenthood with two videos of staffers assisting a Live Action actor with a possible sex selection abortion.

Gainor argues that the liberal media is deliberately presenting the image of the loveable, “grandfatherly” Buffett it wants America to see, propping him up as the model of the liberal businessman, while whitewashing his massive efforts to promote a cause that half of America stands against.

Gainor closes by highlighting the liberal media’s double standards on what makes for newsworthy charitable giving:

It’s easy to understand. If you give $1,000 to a ballot initiative to defend traditional marriage, that’s controversial. If you give $1.25 billion to promote abortion, journalists, who are wildly pro-abortion, don’t dare see any controversy.


This is a copy of the full article provided by the Conservatives at Truth Revolt

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