Did Bill Clinton Just Rally an Uprising Against Government?

Did Bill Clinton Just Rally an Uprising Against Government?

Speaking to a room full of Democrats on Tuesday in Louisville, KY as he stumped for Senate hopeful Alison Lundergan Grimes, Bill Clinton mused about the recent political uprising in the Ukraine relating it to what needs to happen in the upcoming elections. He asked the room of over 1,200 Dems to demand, “Give us back our country.”

Appearing rather amused, a giddy Clinton seemingly called for a political uprising similar to the recent events in the Ukraine saying:

You following what’s going on in Ukraine? It’s the darndest thing I ever saw. The politicians didn’t throw the president out, the people did. They said, “This guy’s not in it for us anymore.”

Then they went into his presidential residence which he had privatized for himself. Can you imagine what somebody would do if the president, or any president, tried to say, “I think I’ll privatize the White House and keep the paintings if it’s all the same to you.”

And the people said, “Whatever our differences are, this is not, this is a one-way dead end here. Give us back our country.” That’s what I want you to say in the election.


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