ESPN Drops Christmas Ad for Referencing ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’

ESPN Drops Christmas Ad for Referencing ‘God’ and ‘Jesus’

In his continuing effort to expose the secular left’s “War on Christmas”, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly reported on a rather disheartening story about ESPN’s refusal to air a Christmas ad from SSM Cardinal Glennon, a Catholic children’s medical center in St. Louis, because it featured the name of “God” and “Jesus”

The ad was part of a program by Cardinal Glennon called Messages of Hope, which is described on its website as a “new program that invites people from throughout the St. Louis metro community to write messages of inspiration to our patients. The messages are reviewed for appropriateness and then rolled into decorative scrolls.”

O’Reilly actually played the ad, and the text went as follows:

Each Christmas, thousands in our community send messages of hope to sick and injured children who may not be able to come home for the holidays. At SSM Cardinal Glennon Chrildren’s Medical Center, we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the season of giving. Bringing hope to the many children, parents and families we serve. Our patients are filled with hope as they receive a message each day from the treasure chest beneath our tree of hope. Help us reveal God’s healing presence this Christmas. Send your message of hope at

According to O’Reilly, ESPN stated they “would not run that ad because the line ‘celebrate the birth of Jesus’ and ‘God’s healing’ message are problematic.” O’Reilly also stated the ad has aired on other networks and that ESPN would not send a spokesman to comment on his show.

ESPN has come under fire from TruthRevolt before. On the eve of Veterans Day, Kevin Blackstone of Around the Horn called the National Anthem a “War Anthem” and should no longer be played at football games.

But Jon Stewart’s right: there’s no “War on Christmas”.


This is a copy of the full article provided by the Conservatives at Truth Revolt

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