America’s taking liberties: Gun rights will be the last to get shot down

America’s taking liberties: Gun rights will be the last to get shot down

AFP Photo / Joe Raedle

In the American ‘Bill of Rights’ the 2nd amendment gives Americans the right to bear arms, i.e carry a gun. Tragically, Americans are now in the process of systematically having every one of their other rights taken away from them by kleptocrats.

They know that if anyone balks, they can just threaten to take away gun rights and the population will comply with any other rights confiscation. Until such time comes when all rights have been taken away, except the right to own a gun, and then that will be taken away too. The right to own a gun will be the last right the kleptocrats take. In this way, they can take all the rest with very little resistance.

What makes ‘gun rights’ advocates particularly vulnerable to this type of treason by their own government is the nature of the gun itself. Because it’s heavy and makes a loud ‘bang’ sound when you fire it, most Americans equate guns with something of meaning and substance. Free speech, the right against self-incrimination, and the right of protection against unlawful search and seizure are not as sexy by comparison so they are routinely ignored.

The NSA scandal proves this point. The NSA commits treason every day against Americans by unlawful and intrusive online searches into their lives, on behalf of kleptocrats who are engaging in corporate espionage, or bankers looking for money to confiscate (see MF Global or Cyprus). Shockingly, Marissa Mayer, the new CEO of Yahoo recently commented that for her firm NOT to comply with the NSA’s unconstitutional requests would be “treason.” Would she also defend Benedict Arnold, an American general during America’s Revolutionary War who famously sold out his country to the British Crown? Yes, obviously she would; and this is part of the tragedy of the Second Amendment. Because what Ms. Mayer does – commit treason against her countrymen every day – did not make a loud ‘bang’ sound or was featured in thousands of movie posters and video games. Nobody cared.

Wouldn’t it be great if, for example, a pen was invented that exploded into a cloud of ink every time someone used it to commit treason in America. Everyone working at the NSA, CIA, FBI and WH would be walking around with ink on their face trying to explain why the next horrific transgression of Constitutional rights about to be trampled upon was ‘absolutely necessary to protect us from the terrorists’, or some equally anodyne claptrap.

Or how about some embedded technology in our TV’s and Smart Phones that plays static whenever a public official or banker on Wall St. commits treason. Would JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon ever be heard from again? If you took treasonous remarks out of the vocabulary of bankers and politicians in America the airwaves would immediately become silent.

If only the other rights guaranteed by America’s Constitution and Bill of Rights were heavy and made a loud noise when you used them, then Americans would be more aware of them and perhaps more sensitive and proactive towards protecting them.


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(Photo: AFP Photo / Joe Raedle)

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