DHS Employee’s Plan for Militant ‘Cells’ in Coming Race War


Ayo Kimathi might have been the next Nidal Hasan. People who worked with Kimathi were reportedly afraid of him. And like Hasan, who killed 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009, Kimathi talked openly about his extremist beliefs even while working for the department whose mission is to identify violent extremists.

Kimathi, aka Irritated Genie, appeared on a podcast in July 2010 in which he discussed his plans for carrying out a race war with “Europeans.” In the same podcast Kimathi talked about his “plantation job” working for the government and claimed he was always spreading his message of a coming race war, even when at work.

In this clip, Kimathi discusses the message he hopes to give in which he will lay out his master plan for the coming race war. Kimathi wants to create small “cells” of 3-5 people who would inspire action including “military efforts to secure a future for our people.”

In this next clip, Kimathi discusses his “plantation job” and how he tries to spread his message of a coming race war no matter where he is.

Nidal Hasan also advertised his extremist beliefs prior to the deadly shooting at Ft. Hood. He used the acronym SoA for soldier of Allah on his business cards. He made multiple contacts to Anwar al-Awlaki and in online postings compared suicide bombing to self-sacrifice on the battlefield. Despite all of these red flags he was promoted rather than disciplined.

Kimathi, thankfully, has not acted on his violent plans. But like Hasan he seems to have gone unnoticed at a string of government jobs even as he has spoken openly for years about his dream of a race war with whites. Kimathi was placed on paid leave Saturday. He should obviously be fired immediately.

But at this point DHS also needs to explain how he was allowed to rant about a new civil war for so many years without anyone picking up on it. According to Kimathi, he talks about this wherever he goes. And according to published reports, his co-workers were afraid of him and worried he might “go postal” one day. So how is it possible that no one in authority took action? Kimathi’s supervisors also need to be held accountable.

Kimathi will be out of a job soon enough. The real question is this: If DHS can’t even deal with a dangerous extremist on their own payroll, how can they deal with the dangerous extremists who aren’t?


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