PRISM & ‘purity’: NSA follows Nazi tradition


The NSA in America is following in the Nazi tradition in its attempt to discriminate based on data collection, modeled around their belief system – which justifies trashing the Constitution in pursuit of ‘pure’ data.

DNA is data. Thanks to the scientific work of Watson and Crick and their discovery of the double-helix and all its component parts in the DNA strands that make up all living cells, we know that humans are made up of data. To microbiologists and bio-engineers, this information means the development of drugs and treatments for illnesses – leading to more healthy, better lives.

For dystopian, nightmarish autocrats and megalomaniacs, data can be interpreted as a way to segregate populations based on outward traits such as skin color, physical appearance, family history and cultural affinities. The National Socialist Party in Germany back in the 1930s used this access and warehousing of data as the basis for their attempt to create a ‘pure’ race of people: unquestioning of authority, uniform in appearance – with homicidal and genocidal tendencies. They succeeded. Purity of data; mostly drawn from inferences from DNA data resulted in a singularly genocidal group of uniform-looking killers who lauded ‘pure’ DNA-types and went about exterminating the others (while transferring these fellow citizens’ wealth; the real reason behind the pogrom).

The NSA in America, similar to Nazi’s attempt to discriminate based on data collection, justifies trashing the Constitution in pursuit of ‘pure’ data.  It’s not about Aryan blood this time, but identifying pure, ‘patriots’ whose emails, data searches, emails, credit card charges, online chats, cell phone chats, physical mail (being photographed), fingerprints, and blood samples must pass through data-mining’s ‘Big Data’ purity analyzer to make certain that every American – no, correct that, everyone on Earth who interacts digitally – is pure of heart and spirit (read: willing to shop themselves to death). All dissenters will be arrested. All assemblies will be broken up. All attempts at nonconformity will be met with harsh prison sentences.

The scapegoats being marked for death and imprisoned this time are the poor. Back in Hitler’s day, the rich were targeted; their wealth stolen and the lives snuffed out, but this time it’s the poor who are being sent to the Gulag.
The top 1 Basis Point (formally known as the top 1 percent – but that included too much riff raff, so now it’s the top 1/100th of 1 percent or ‘basis point’) needs to keep their Ponzi scheme of inflating worthless bonds higher, by ‘front running’ markets and creating a blitzkrieg of ‘Weapons of Mass Financial Destruction’ using data-intensive algorithms.
The Data Death Machines are running at the speed of HFT (High Frequency Trading) bots; billions of transactions a second to keep the flow of money flowing from billions to the rent-seeking neo-Nazis who run the four biggest banks in the UK (the global center of accounting fraud and market manipulation) and other banks in New York, Paris and Frankfurt.

Will the resistance succeed in beating the new data Nazis? People in Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus and cities all over the world are rising up against their data oppressors. Edward Snowden has emerged as a new global hero, along with WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald; men who embody the spirit of the founders of the United States of America (going back 200 years) when individual freedom and transparency were still considered valuable commodities.

Will the data-Nazis be defeated by Russia in the way Russia beat the Nazis back in World War II? Where is the new Stalingrad? Carrying through with this analogy we should look to data autocrats like Oracle, Google, Facebook and the big phone companies around the world as the new axis powers that need to be defeated in this new war of privacy vs. tyranny.


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