Mali conflict: ‘First suicide bombing’ in Gao

Soldier patrols near a burning road block outside the Red Berets' camp in Bamako, Mali, on 8/2/13

A suicide bomber has blown himself up in the northern Mali town of Gao – the country’s first such case, sources say.

The attacker approached a group of soldiers on a motorbike before detonating an explosive belt, injuring one of them, a Malian officer told AFP.

Gao is the most populous city in northern Mali, where French-led troops have ousted Islamist militants from the main towns.

Meanwhile, rival army factions have exchanged fire in the capital, Bamako.

The suicide bomber detonated his explosives after approaching a checkpoint on the outskirts of Gao at about 06:30GMT, witnesses said.

It is the first known suicide attack in Mali since France sent some 4,000 troops into the north on 11 January to oust the militants.


BBC has the full article

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