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More than half a million people struck down with norovirus

More than half a million people have contracted norovirus already this winter as cases are 64 per cent higher than this time last year, official figures show. The winter vomiting bug has struck early this year with cases running at a level normally seen about a month later in the season. Calculations show that around 666,144 people have fallen ill… Read more →

NASA | Death-Defying Comets Explore the Sun’s Atmosphere

To observe how winds move high in Earth’s atmosphere, scientists sometimes release clouds of barium as tracers to track how the material corkscrews and sweeps around � but scientists have no similar technique to study the turbulent atmosphere of the sun. So researchers were excited in December 2011, when Comet Lovejoy swept right through the sun’s corona with its long… Read more →

Change on veterans’ gun rights lights fire

A major defense-spending bill hit an unexpected bump on its journey through the U.S. Senate over an amendment on veterans’ gun rights, which devolved into a heated floor debate and foreshadows a potential battle over Democrats’ vows to tweak the filibuster rules in the clubby, traditionally collegial body. Sen. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, wants veterans who have been deemed “mentally incompetent” to… Read more →

Vietnam condemns China’s sea claims as “serious violation”

(Reuters) – Vietnam condemned on Tuesday China’s claims to disputed South China Sea islands as a serious violation of its sovereignty after saying it was setting up patrols to protect its fisheries and accusing Chinese boats of sabotage. The condemnation of China’s claims to the sea and its numerous reefs and tiny islands was the strongest yet from Vietnam since tension flared… Read more →

Violence erupts as Egyptian protesters near presidential palace

CAIRO –  A protest by at least 100,000 Egyptians outside the presidential palace in Cairo turned violent Tuesday as tensions grew over Islamist President Mohammed Morsi’s seizure of nearly unrestricted powers and a draft constitution hurriedly adopted by his allies. Crowds around the capital and in the coastal city of Alexandria were still swelling several hours after nightfall. The large… Read more →

Britain says EU not looking at Israel sanctions

(Reuters) – British Foreign Secretary William Hague said on Tuesday that European sanctions against Israel in response to its latest plans to build settlements on disputed land were not an option. However, he told parliament that he was in talks with other European foreign ministers about formulating “incentives and disincentives” to support U.S. efforts to bring Israel and the Palestinians back to the negotiating… Read more →

Iran ‘captures’ US drone over Gulf waters

Iran has claimed it has “captured” an unmanned US drone over Gulf waters after it entered Iranian airspace. “The unmanned US drone patrolling Persian Gulf waters, performing reconnaissance and gathering intel, was captured as soon as it entered Iranian airspace,” the Revolutionary Guards said in a statement on Tuesday.   Telegraph has the full article

We’re trying to stop the UN from regulating the Internet

A U.N. conference that kicked off today in Dubai has sparked fear of Internet censorship in the U.S. — something U.S. Ambassador Terry Kramer said he is doing everything in his power to prevent. “Nothing regarding the Internet do we want subject to U.N. review and regulation,” Kramer told Monday marked the first day of an 11-day conference. Kramer,… Read more →