Obama Admin Considers ‘October Surprise’ Libya Attack

Two weeks ago, Breitbart News reported that the Obama administration was contemplating an airstrike in Libya – a move a former CIA official told us “would be criminal” for its lack of forethought and its dire political consequences.

Today, the Associated Press reports that “the White House has put special operations strike forces on standby and moved drones into the skies above Africa, ready to hit militant targets from Libya to Mali, if US investigators can find the al-Qaida-linked group responsible for the death of the US ambassador in Libya.” The article even mentions that the administration has to weigh “whether the short-term payoff of being able to claim retribution against al-Qaida is worth the risk that such strikes would be ineffective and rile governments in the region.” The source: three current and one former administration insiders.

The Obama administration is desperate to distract the public from their mishandling of Libya: leading from behind, failing to provide for the security of our State Department personnel, and then lying about a terrorist attack resulting in our ambassador’s murder. It is no surprise that without substantial intelligence assets on the ground in Libya, the administration now seeks a military strike just three weeks out from the presidential election.


This is a copy of the full article provided by the conservatives at Breitbart

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