Tension in Athens over unpaid workers

Shipyard workers clash with riot police at the Greek defence ministry in Athens, 4 October

Protesters are appearing in court in the Greek capital Athens a day after a rally by shipyard workers against job cuts descended into violence.

A line of blue police lorries flanked the courthouse as riot police kept back supporters of those detained during the clashes on Thursday.

Police had used truncheons when at least 100 protesters broke into the courtyard of the defence ministry.

Greece may run out of money next month, its prime minister has warned.

Antonis Samaras told the German daily Handelsblatt that his country could only survive until the end of November without the next planned tranche of bailout loans.

In another development, a Greek politician under investigation by the country’s economic crimes squad has been found dead at his home.

Leonidas Tzanis, 57, a former deputy interior minister from the Socialist Pasok party, was found by his wife in the central Greek town of Volos on Thursday evening, police said.

His death is being treated as suicide.


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