Yemen minister survives assassination attempt

People stand near a burnt car after a car bomb exploded in central Sanaa, YemenYemen’s defence minister has survived an assassination attempt which killed at least 11 people, including seven of his bodyguards, security officials say.

The attack targeting Maj Gen Muhammad Nasir Ahmad took place near government offices in central Sanaa.

The explosion was caused when a car bomb detonated when the minister’s motorcade passed.

It comes a day after the second-in-command of Yemen’s branch of al-Qaeda was reportedly killed.

“A booby-trapped car waited for the motorcade of the minister near the government offices and, as soon as it moved, it exploded,” an unnamed security source told Reuters.

“A security car was totally destroyed and all its occupants were killed, but the minister survived because his car is armoured.”

Officials say this is the fourth assassination attempt against the defence minister since a new government was formed last December.


BBC has the full article

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