GOP Convention Surveillance Includes ‘Behavior Recognition’ Software

( – Police in Tampa, Fla., reportedly will use behavior recognition software as part of their video surveillance of the Republican National Convention and the surrounding area on Aug. 27-30.

According to Government Security News, which covers homeland security and IT issues, the behavioral recognition software from BRS Labs will be deployed in video cameras anywhere from a few block to a few miles around the convention sites.

In an exclusive interview with GSN, John Frazzini, president of BRS Labs, said the technology will “look for abnormal activities, send real-time alerts to security personnel and take ‘deep dives’ into the intelligence that the system has collected over the course of time.”

The article suggests that the software also will be deployed at the Democrats’ convention, which takes place on Sept. 3-6.

BRS Labs describes itself as the leading provider of behavior recognition software for video surveillance operations. Its software is programmed to detect what is called “anomalous” behavior. It operates on the theory that objects appear different from one angle to the next — and that the behavior of humans in one camera may be completely different than the behavior found in another.

“AISightTM, created by BRS Labs, is the most powerful video surveillance software on the market,” the company’s website says.

“Out of the box it quickly becomes your security team’s most formidable weapon; autonomously building an ever-changing knowledgebase of activity seen through every camera on your video network. The result: AISight delivers accurate, real-time alerts on any suspicious behavior important enough for your team to respond!”

In addition to the high-tech security, Tampa police plan to deploy K-9  units, bike teams, horse-mounted patrols, and other means of controlling the crowds of convention-goers — and protesters – who are expected in Tampa next week.


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