Coordinated Iraq Bombings Sign of Al Qaeda Strength?

More than 100 Iraqis were killed in several bomb blasts over a two-day period across the country.
CNN has details of the coordinated blasts that spanned several cities and towns.

“Very well coordinated. All over the country.”
“Over the last several months a certain sense of normalcy had returned, but you know, this is the type of place that provides harsh reminders that the country is far from stable.”

The attacks come at the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, and targeted judges and prosecutors.
Al Jazeera notes, these attacks are the deadliest in months, and targeted more than government officials.

“Many of the victims were members of Iraq’s security forces. Their ability to keep the country safe is once again in question. … It is one of the deadliest days since the U.S. military pulled out.”


Newsy has the full transcript

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