New Website Claims ‘We Know What You’re Doing’

(multimedia) Are you hungover? High on drugs? Do you hate your boss? If you’ve published a status update to Facebook and admitted any of the aforementioned — the world is reading.

“We Know What You’re Doing,” a new Facebook website “experiment,” is turning the absurdities users post publicly into a shrine to fireable offenses.  

The website was created with the motive to spread awareness of Facebook’s privacy settings. The site features four categories, using content created by Facebook’s public API. Some users cry “creepy!” But a blogger for Business 2 Community argues users sign up to be creeped on…

“Here’s the thing folks: Any social platform you use, you are there at their pleasure.
Facebook is free. You sign up and create an account, and by doing so, you agree to their rules. It’s the price we pay for deciding we want to use the platform.”


Newsy has the full transcript


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