Strong dangerous 5.6 earthquake near Sofia, Bulgaria

Summary Update 24/05 – 22:03 UTC
– PM Borisov had a meeting today with the person in charge of the Bulgarian seismological agency, Prof. Nokolay Miloshev.  Mr. Miloshev said to the PM that the chance on a stronger shock  is most unlikely and that the aftershocks will be gradually getting weaker.  Mr. Miloshev said wkat we have been saying over and over again all over the world, only in a few cases stronger shocks occur after a mainshock. Nobody is able to predict.  Science is making progress but we are still far away from a prediction when and how strong the next quake will be.
– The Bulgarian police will start patrolling damaged or heavily hit areas immediately after an earthquake.
– More than 300 aftershocks have been recorded so far, the vast majority could not be felt by people. Since the mainshock 4 aftershocks were in the Magnitude 4 range.
– The inhabitants of Pernik, the city closest to the epicenter, have felt 31 aftershocks, mostly aftershocks measuring 2.5 or stronger.
– People of Pernik are continuing to clean up their homes and collect rubble left behind from the tremors.
– Each Bulgarian family affected by the earthquake will receive a one-time aid allowance of BGN 325 (166 Euro), from the government, Prime Minister Borisov announced.


EarthQuake Report has the full report

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