Tornado spotted in Oxfordshire as storms batter southern England

Britain could be braced for more thunder and lightning folllowing a storm which brought a tornado to Oxfordshire.

The thunderstorm started in Wiltshire, and moved across Oxfordshire, where a tornado was reported in several places including Bicester, Eynsham and Witney, and then moved to Buckinghamshire.

Richard Glazer drove through the tornado with his wife and son on the A34 near Kidlington, Oxfordshire.

“It was very wet, we were just driving on the A34 and looked up and realised one part of the sky was moving in one direction and another in the opposite direction,” he said.

“I thought, ‘that looks like a tornado!’ We pretty much drove through it, we were right underneath it.

“As we drove into it the trees were blowing left to right and as we got through it they were blowing the other way.”

The 40-year-old, from nearby Witney, Oxfordshire, added: “It wasn’t particularly big but it was amazing to see the change in the environment. It was grey and a bit blurry and then to be hit by something like that. You suddenly realise the force of nature, it’s incredible.”

Forecasters said it was almost certainly a tornado. Heavy rain has been predicted for much of the country in the coming week, with the possibility of thunder and lightning.

Brendan Jones, a forecaster at MeteoGroup, said he believed the tornado was caused a by ‘supercell’, a type of storm more commonly seen in the US in which the air inside is spinning or rotating.


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