May Day Protests: Violence and Arrests

(multimedia) May Day Address:

Compelling video of the “May Day” events with Occupy Seattle by youtube user “Laughing At Liberals.”

Hundreds of activists with a variety of causes spread out over New York City Tuesday on International Workers Day, or May Day, with Occupy Wall Street members leading a charge against financial institutions. (May 1)

In Oakland the protest turned violent for a time in and around 14th and Broadway. Our news helicopter (unclear who’s helicopter is being described) was over the intersection when something appeared to spark a conflict between protesters and police at 12:30 p.m.Several people were taken away in handcuffs (or zipties). There were also puffs of smoke in the area, which appeared to be some kind of smoke bomb or tear gas. There was also at least one case of paint bombs being thrown at police. Several police officers were seen with white and yellow paint on their uniforms.

A journalist recording Oakland clashes.

A group split off of a pre-May Day party at Dolores Park into a march led by black bloc. Vandalism occurred. This video was taken surreptitiously, hence the poor quality.

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