August, 2008 – The Perfect Storm E-Booklet – The Church

* The decline of the influence of Christianity.
• Decline in the belief of the Kingdom of God and the reality of evil.
• The decline in the belief that there is a coexisting spiritual world that is more real than the temporal world in which we live.
• The church is more interested in numbers than in Kingdom mandates.
• The church is more interested in “sin management” than personal transformation.
• Lack of absolutes and Christians world view.
• Universalism has far too many adherents.
* House churches will begin to grow as a need for intimacy increases.
* Many churches will file for bankruptcy as payments to large buildings cannot be made.
* Large ministries will disband from financial difficulty.
• The demise of the Lakeland Outpouring.
• The increasing divorce rate among pastors not to mention divorce rate in the Body of Christ is slightly higher than the non-churched.
* Hidden sexual perversion will be exposed and the numbers will be shocking.
* Medical advances and organ transplants will make it possible for homosexual men to be in vitro fertilized and give birth by caesarian.
• Growing efforts to state that Islam and Christians serve the same God, which is not true.
* Islam will force its way into school systems by demanding time to pray. It will be given rights that Christian don’t have.

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