September 1, 2012 Blue Moon Conference – Israel – Iran

Israel is going to hit Iran. They have already hit Iran. They have already been explosions that were detonated by deviceds that were planted by Israel. And they have already done various things. Attacking Iran will cause a panice on the world oil maket to blackmail the US and any other country that wants to support Israel. They will blackmail and say they weill not continue to give that country oil unless you
do not continue to support Israel. So, that will change the petroleum market really quick with what the world sees as a surplus market to a condition that is not that. This will escalate a growing caliphate that is happening right now. A caliphate is a united arab front to control the world. They believe from that we will see an anti-Christ figure (Mehdi) emerge. Other things will happen when this Mehdi arises is to bring
salvation to the Islamic community. Israel is probably, Ican’t say thus saith the Lord, but it will be somewhere between November and March.I should say May, but it could be March after all. Sometimes, we know things, but we don’t want to take the Lord’s name in vain, but the disciples said seeing that the Holy Spirit said, that’s where I’m at in the timing of this. I will add one thing is that God wants to get Israel’s attention. He is their source. He wants to bring their heart straight back to Him. Historically, every time God judged Israel, he judged the nation that attacked them.

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