September 1, 2012 – Blue Moon Conference – Cleaning Up the Church

I see that the old will gravitate to the old and the new gravitate to the new. So, you will have a conflick take place.While the old has a positional model it will have a people model of authority with favor given by the people. Very much like Saul and David.You wil have the Saul’s try to hunt down the David’s. Until we come to a place where that God will have to clean up all 5 levels of ministries. We have to elevate from an Acts level of ministry to an Ephesians level of ministry. So, we are going to have apostles that are more interested in the building the body of Christ instead of building a network. Have prophets admit they were wrong to the degree of their favor. We are going to have teachers’ that say throw your tapes/cds out because I taught you wrong and here’s the truth of the matter. We are going to have to have pastors’ that are more interested in their people than their anointing and persona. We are going to have to have evangelists that aremore interested in winning souls to the Lord than how much money they are going to receive from the churches they visit. I can see God saying what I’m feeling, too. You lose the need for personality and gain the need for presence. When you have the presence of God the people will come. In the process, of all that you are going to have to have men and women who are willing to be martyrs in the field. Not necessarity
martyrs in blood, but will almost be martyred in ministry because of the avalanche of tirade that will come against them.

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