October 13, 2011 – ISD Live – Virginia Earthquake – US

When that happened I shook & I shook for a reason, here’s why. On April 29, 1985, I had a dream, I won’t go into it, the dream is way too long. But in it, I was told this, when you see the Washington Monument tilting you will know what I am about to tell you is close. The angel told me when I see the Washington monument tilting, China will begin to turn aggressively against the US. They will become throne-like in our side. They will begin a purposeful plan of the destruction of theUS and there will be other signs in DC of this coming. But before this happens you will go to China.Now, this was April 29, 1985. I did not go to China till April 29, 2011. 26 years to the day. I had no where to see that. I did not remember this dream till the earthquake that happened about a month ago. Suddenly, that dream floods backto me these signs on the monument. The monument one day will tilt & it will be a sin of imminent aggression of China against the US. I was to go to China before this would happen & I went to China 26 years to the day without knowing it. I didn’t plan on it but 26 years later to the day from that time I went to China for the 1st time. And then
Washington has the earthquake that cracked the monument. There will be other signs & things that will happen.

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