The Secret of the Ages: The Attitude of Gratitude – Bobby Conner – June 15, 2009

What is the secret that great kings, prophets, priests, martyrs and mighty apostles and lovers of God have always understood?

When Abraham bound Isaac to the rock and lifted the knife, he understood this.

When Caleb and Joshua looked at the rugged horizon beyond the wilderness, they understood this.

When the disciples were shackled behind bars, they understood.

What is this most marvelous secret?

Friends of God look not at their circumstances but believe God’s faithfulness and worship Him with a grateful heart.

When the disciples were in prison, they believed in the faithfulness of God and sang praises.

If you keep the right attitude during your time of adversity – when your back is against the wall, when the diagnosis is given, when the bills must be paid, when it’s 11:59 – God will honor you, bless you and raise you up.

What is this great secret of kings? What is the right attitude to have before God? A heart filled with gratitude!

When you have a grateful heart, you don’t think about complaining.

With a grateful heart, you don’t worry about lack.

Whether or not this seems true for you – it is true: there is always something to thank God for, no matter what adversity you have in your life. This principle of gratitude can be summed up in this simple law: no matter what you see, feel or experience, believe His Word and you will overcome.

In truth, God can turn your circumstances around overnight and overwhelm you with blessings you cannot imagine – more than you can ask or think. And until the blessings arrive, God will supply all the grace you need to stand in your circumstances and rejoice. Is anything too difficult for Him?

Remember Joseph. God took the prison that was intended for his destruction and transformed bondage into Joseph’s destiny. This man who was unjustly imprisoned could have become bitter. He could have resented his family or his God – or blamed himself – but he remained confident in the goodness of God and was grateful. While he was in prison and not after he was released? Yes, while he was imprisoned and wrongly accused!

Adversity can make you bitter or better. Much depends on how you respond to problems. Much depends on your attitude.

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. Phil. 4:6

Having been firmly rooted {and now} being built up in Him and established in your faith, just as you were instructed, {and} overflowing with gratitude. Col. 2:7

You can begin to change your attitude today by thanking your Father for giving you resurrection life, healing and deliverance through Christ the Messiah.

You can thank your Creator for the air you breathe and the sunsets you enjoy.

You can thank Him for choosing you to be born for such a time as this.

Thank the Word of Life for His promises, which never fail.

Thank Your Savior that, no matter where you are in life – betrayed, broke or battling cancer – He is leading, guiding and prospering you because of the Cross.

Because of His Blood!

What was His last cry on the Cross? It is finished. It is finished! Your victory was bought and paid for in full. You are now an overcomer in all you face because your battles were won at Calvary 2,000 years ago!

Do you truly believe in His Cross?

Do you truly believe He suffered, died and rose from the dead?

Do you truly believe He finished the work He was born to accomplish?

Then rejoice! His Cross is the foundation of our faith, the cause for hope and the source of all love and rejoicing in our lives.

Decide today to believe this work of the Cross and live a life of thanksgiving. Meditate deeply on Isaiah 53. Live and breathe Psalm 103. Take comfort daily and hourly in Psalm 91 and Psalm 27. Allow these truths to become more real to you than your tears and troubles??¦and the LORD OF HOSTS will make you a champion, honoring you for your decision to believe His Word above all else!

Consider this beautiful truth: the word thankful – eucharistia – is the root of our word Eucharist.

Thankgiving is eating our Bread of Life, His Promises – instead of eating the bread of doubt, unbelief and fear.

Thanksgiving is drinking from this Cup of the New Covenant – instead of drinking from the cup of bitterness and despair.

By an act of your will, drink Him and eat Him gratefully??¦and do not allow swallow the poison of complaining. That bitter poison will prevent you from receiving every blessing the Lord has for You – all that He bought for you by His suffering on the Cross!

Is this not a simple choice? Are the Lord’s grace and power not sufficient?

Is He a God who does not see your suffering – who turns His back to your pain?

Then trust Him, be grateful??¦and receive in full measure of the blessings of God.

Pray this prayer with me:

Dear Father, I am so thankful for YOUR love and mercy. I am thankful for Your promises, which are true. I am thankful for Your faithfulness, with is everlasting. I am thankful for Your grace, which is sufficient to help me stand , no matter what. Cleanse my heart from all doubt, fear and bitterness and create in me a clean heart. I ask You to give me a grateful heart, my Savior. Renew a right spirit within me! I cast all my cares on You and choose to believe in Your Word. I’m grateful for Your love!


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