December, 2009 – The Perfect Storm Revisited #1 – Terrorism – US Riots

God has removed the veil of corruption of Washington politics and the procedural
corruption, as well. Buying votes is nothing but buying votes to pass unpopular and
dangerous legislation championed by extreme fringe elements of government and could
be the match that lights up a revolution. That is just now under the surface. There is huge
anger in the streets – the general populace of US. Anger because no matter what they feel
the leader of this nation won’t vote for what they believe is right. It’s one thing to buy a
vote for a program that lasts for a year or two. But to buy a vote that taxes people for
years – for their entire lifetime is nothing short of bribery. I have heard from other
prophetic friends of seeing race riot just around the corner. If I was doing what they are
doing, I would be in jail & tax exempt status would be stripped from us. Nothing like this
is happening in Congress – as if evil has become good and good called evil.

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