The Perfect Storm


What I am writing herein is not meant to be a statement asserting that I have the full revelation about what is going to happen in the coming several years. In fact, I emphatically state, that I do not.

I have many times prayed and asked that what I am about to write be averted. But, I am pushed by the Spirit of the Lord to write some of what I have seen.

This nation is about to undergo a great shaking. It will not be confined to the United States alone, but it will strike the greater global community. After a period of time what is of God will remain and grow stronger as a result. That which is not of God, even that which man is convinced is of God, but is not, will be shaken. Few, if any will escape some measure of this shaking.

What is coming is not what some might call the Wrath of God. I believe it is judgment, at least it is judgment as I will define it later. I also do not believe this is the “tribulation” as some would like to insist. It is simply a time when mankind has made a series of historical wrong choices. This is a time when greed and usury have corrupted business and sadly even some of the church has taken on too many worldly practices.

It is a time when society screams for the protection of baby seals and insist on the right to terminate the life of the unborn. It is a time when evil iscalled good and good is decried as evil. It is a perplexing time rifed with self-satisfaction being viewed as a ‘right.’ I am grieved that perversion, and sexual infidelity are viewed, increasingly by the church, as normal and the term ‘restoration back into ministry’ is flaunted as if marriage was simply a convenience rather than a convent.

If we do not change this attitude, continued social and national decay is inevitable. There is a reason 2 Chronicles 7:14 was written. God spoke to a people who no longer sought God for direction, a prideful  people, a self-indulgent people, a prayer-less people, whose ways had become dark and wicked – we are this people. Yet, in spite of all that, God promised that if they would change their heart or attitude, He would bring healing or revive their land.


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