Christian School Forced To Close As Inspectors Brand Children ‘Bigots’ For Not Knowing What A Muslim Is

Inspectors have labelled pupils at a Christian school bigots and forced it to close after a young boy gave the wrong answer when asked what a Muslim was. Teachers at the school say he referenced terrorism in his answer, but argued that one child’s throwaway answer was no ground for closing the whole school.

Durham Free School, which currently educates 94 pupils aged between 11 and 13, was praised by former education secretary Michael Gove when it opened in September 2013, the Daily Mail has reported.

But inspectors visiting the school last November, after the new guidelines encouraging inspectors to rate schools on how they promote ‘British values’, deemed the school to have failed on a wide range of factors. “Standards are low and progress is inadequate. Students’ achievement is weak”, inspectors wrote.

The school will now close at Easter as the current education secretary, Nicky Morgan has withdrawn funding. But teachers say that they were unfairly penalized for placing a Christian ethos at the heart of the school by inspectors who wanted to demonstrate that they were promoting the Government’s diversity agenda.

In their report, the schools inspectors concluded: “Leaders are failing to prepare students for life in modern Britain. Some students hold discriminatory views of other people who have different faiths, values or beliefs from themselves.”

But teachers say that this view was based solely on the words of one 12 year old boy who, whilst taking part in a group discussion, was asked about Muslims. His answer made reference to terrorism.

“It feels like the school has been made a scapegoat. Durham is primarily white British so knowledge of other cultures is not as prevalent. But I don’t think the children are bigoted,” said Petrina Douglas, a parent governor.

The school’s acting headmaster Julian Eisner said: “The pupil’s reply displayed a very disappointing level of ignorance but, in the context, did not provide evidence of a discriminatory attitude.”

In a statement on the school’s website, John Denning, the Chair of Governors said he believed that there were “a number of irregularities” in the government’s decision to withdraw funding, adding that the school is “taking professional advice”. He thanked parents who had “rallied round”, and urged them to tweet and email Nicky Morgan urging her to keep the school open.

Meanwhile, nearby Grindon Hall, another Christian school, has been placed in special measures despite achieving the best school leaving exam results in the area. The school’s head, Chris Gray, made an official complaint to inspection group Ofsted following their most recent inspection, in which pupils were asked whether they knew what lesbians did, and whether their friends felt trapped in the wrong body.


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