Ukraine orders pro-Russian rebels out of Donetsk with threat of ‘precision weaponry

Ukraine orders pro-Russian rebels out of Donetsk with threat of ‘precision weaponry

Kiev has ordered pro-Russian rebels occupying buildings in the eastern city of Donetsk to flee or face “precision weaponry,” a Ukrainian government spokesman told Fox News.

The Ukrainian government said the pro-Russia separatist militants in Donetsk have until 4 p.m. local time to leave the buildings they are occupying.

A spokesman with Ukraine’s “anti-terror operation” said that if the rebels do not leave the buildings, those targets would be “hit with precision weaponry.”

Fox News also confirmed from another source that Ukraine may use military action Tuesday against the pro-Russian rebels on the same day Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko said in an interview that the military operation in Donetsk would be over in “a matter of hours.”

Pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine claim that at least 30 of their colleagues have been killed after a day of heavy fighting in the city of Donetsk that included airstrikes against insurgents who attempted to seize the city’s airport.

A rebel fighter, who wouldn’t give his name because of security concerns, told the Associated Press outside a hospital in Donetsk that 30 bodies of his fellow insurgents were delivered there.

He said the truck carrying the bodies was still parked outside the hospital, waiting for explosives experts to check it for any unexploded ordnance.


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