Redemptive Conflict for Israel – Terry Bennett – January, 2012

In early 2002 I was in a lengthy encounter before the throne of God. One portion of that encounter was concerning the nation of Israel. All those who are in the Lord and with the Lord from Israel were assembled before the throne when a sound-type wave came forth from the Father which went into, through, and over that assembled people. In the wave was the original purpose for the nation, and its application throughout the generations. Firstly, they were to be the Lord’s, they were be to His witnesses so that all nations would see Him and come. This would be the testimony of the Son of God among them and through them, and they were meant to be the first to recognize Him in His first coming, believe fully and receive Him, and go forth into all the nations proclaiming the Lamb and Son of God. This understanding and revelation was in that wave which was released unto that assembly.

The wave came into, through, and over me at that time, and I turned to the Lord Jesus Christ who was standing next to me and asked Him what it would take to bring the people of Israel back to His purpose. He answered, “Severe chastisement has been decreed unto this nation.” That statement shocked and troubled me then, and it is just as real now.

In October, early October 2011, I was brought into another encounter which brought greater clarity to the 2002 encounter. In this encounter, I was told that the severe chastisement that the Lord spoke formerly of is a coming war in Israel. The Lord compared this to Babylon coming against Israel in the book of Ezekiel. The sword of the Lord against Israel was the king and armies of Babylon. The sword of the Lord will again be war as the Lord deals with the nation of Israel.

The Lord spoke several things concerning this coming time of war. He said, “I will find out if they desire My Son or not! If they do not, I will again scatter them to the four winds even as I did in Ezekiel’s day.” Secondly, the helping hands of man, including this nation, will hang limp in that day! Woe to the people and nation that attempts to prevent His redemptive discipline and redemptive chastisement. He said if any nation attempts to intervene, then the chastisement will come upon them. The Lord said that He will prove to Israel that He alone is their only salvation and deliverance. That if they respond to His chastisement—by true repentance, humility, and believing in the Lord, the Son of God Jesus Christ—He will abate His chastisement. If they are stubborn and refuse His dealings, then the nation will go into captivity. This is His mercy unto them unto His heart for their hearts.

The Father will deal with the nations concerning His Son, His Lamb, Jesus Christ—Israel is no exception. All the nations which are presently taking their stand against the anointed King Jesus Christ will be warned and challenged. I was also told that the Lord is going to visit the nation of Israel with another Pentecost. He will pour out His Spirit and there will be a remnant who will turn to Him and believe.

Conclusion: How should we then pray? Here is what is clear from the Scriptures. In Romans 10:1-21 the Apostle Paul’s prayer for them is their salvation. The Lord Jesus Christ is their only hope, their one and only hope, but this is equally true of all nations and all peoples. In verse 12 Paul states, “For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, abounding in riches for all who call upon Him.” God is dealing with all nations, including Israel, but let us be Biblically and accurately clear, He is dealing with them by the Holy Spirit concerning Jesus Christ. John 16:8-11 tells us directly of the Hold Spirit’s work unto all nations, including the people He was speaking directly to in the John 16 passage, Israel. The Holy Spirit will convict the world concerning sin, the sin of not believing in Jesus Christ.

There could be several conflicts coming in the Middle East which may include Israel, but this conflict’s purpose will be unique. It is about the remnant’s redemption.

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