An Economic Word – Terry Bennett – December, 2011

In the experience, I was shown a very large luxury liner ocean ship which was leaving New York harbor to sail to Europe. I and they could see a storm on the horizon, but they sailed nevertheless. The ship was very large, 1,000 feet long or more, and was considered the safest of its type. The crew was full of pride in the vessel and was boasting that she could handle any and all difficulties. Written on the side of the ship was its name, Old Glory. I was made to notice that the ship had NO anchor, but the captain and crew were unconcerned. With deluded pride, the ship headed into the rough waters of open sea and on into the raging storm. The ship entered the storm and made its way deeper and deeper into it thinking that it would subside. However, the storm was over 2,000 miles wide and was over both the Atlantic Ocean as well as all of mainland Europe. When the captain and crew realized that the storm was not dissipating but growing in strength and building in size, they decided to turn around and head toward the safety of the harbor which they had left. However, the waves from the storm were massive and when they had turned 90 degrees to the storm, a large wave capsized the ship. The ship was now upside down and many of its passengers were thrown overboard and were drowning or had drowned. Some had been able to climb onto the hull of the ship and were safe, but not for long. The luxury liner slowly turned upward and then slid beneath the sea, taking all who had trusted in her down.

The luxury liner represented the economic system and systems of our nation. The present system will go down. Capsizing or turning upside down was a play on words. We are and will become more upside down with debt versus assets and savings. Our involvement with Europe will not end well, and we should carefully and prayerfully consider this wrong direction.

We have already left the safe harbor of God’s wisdom, and He is no longer the anchor of our hearts or nation. The financial crisis in Europe, the USA and the world are far from over, in fact, the storm is still strengthening and building and will remain in a dangerous category for years to come.

A word of warning
We must be certain as to whose voice we are listening to. If we will wait upon the Lord for His wisdom and remain in His safe harbor until He gives it, we will see what He is doing, hear what He is saying, and not be deluded by the love of money or greedy voices speaking get rich quickly type investments. Very few investments in this present system will survive the storm and waves, if any at all do.

Old Glory had at least a double meaning. It speaks of not simply our nation and flag, which may be divided, but also that the Glory of the Lord is only distant history to the peoples of this nation. We must humble ourselves, fully realizing our peril and ask for the Lord to arise again within our hearts and among us as a people.

As in the experience, some people may actually gain financially from the capsizing, but it will only be temporary because the entire ship will go down. May our hearts be tuned to the dangers.

America, awaken! Leaders, refuse to become further embroiled in the global financial dealings. It will only lead to loss and ruin!

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