A Word for Australia – Terry Bennett – December, 2011

In the experience I was shown significant pressure being placed on Australia to give large secure debt loans in order to help the debt crisis in some nations. The pressure was coming from Europe, Great Britain, and the USA. I saw Australia surrender to the pressure, and then I saw a large amount of money being shipped or transferred to other nations. I also saw a large number of protestors in Australia protesting the decision to give and loan these monies.

A word of warning: The giving or loaning of large amounts of money would be a clear mistake. No matter what pressure or by who or whom it is coming, you should resist and refuse large involvement in the financial crisis in Europe, Great Britain, and the USA. If you involve yourself and say yes to the call for financial help, you will suffer loss yourself and open the door for crisis, financial and civil, within Australia.

The Lord desires to preserve Australia, protecting her from the plans of man and making her a refuge nation in these difficult times. May the Lord grant His wisdom to Australia to not become encumbered by the banking system’s demands or schemes.

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