A Vision Encounter – Terry Bennett – April 24, 2011

I saw the parting of the heavens and an angel in swift flight came forth and the stood beside me as I was kneeling in prayer. The angel began to show and speak to me events coming in the USA.

In a parabolic way, I was shown the nine black riders (symbolically from the Lord of the Rings) being released in our nation, though other nations will also be involved. The purpose of their labor, the fruit of their work, will be the obtaining of greater power, for, above all, they desire power.

I was then shown the four riders of Revelation 6:2-8 and that, in a similar way, these riders are being released in our nation. The white horse’s rider will be after power. The red horse’s rider will bring internal crisis and civil war-type dynamics. The black horse represents famine, and the rider of the ashen horse was death, and Hades was following him. I knew these horses and riders were of a similar nature to those of Revelation 6, not the exact same ones.

The angel warned me that great civil unrest and/or civil war could come again in this nation. In a different experience afterward, I heard the voice of the Lord speak the word, “Violence!” three times and then pronounce, “Prepare for lawlessness!” This is the enemy’s plan against this nation.

I was also warned, by the appearing of the black horse and its rider, about famine. The angel said, “There will be a famine of food in your nation!” Not only this, but also the prices of food, particularly grains, will dramatically rise. We will see not only shortages and high prices, but I was shown significant starvation occurring during this time. Death followed this black horse!

Next the angel pointed to Philadelphia, PA and said that the Liberty Bell would toll 12 times and then, like the story of Cinderella, our nation would turn from being a queen to being a nation sitting among its ashes. The passage of Isaiah 47, which deals with Babylon, is the scripture given to me concerning this revelation.

After this was spoken and shown to me, the angel began to point to cities where there will be significant violence and events in some areas. I knew these cities were not all, but a token amount of the activity which is coming. The first city was Philadelphia, and I know this is a message that violence is coming where there was meant to be brotherly love. The angel also pointed to Baltimore, New York City, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, OH, Madison, WI and others. The angel pointed to Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC (Canada), and it was silent and night in these two cities. This was the result of an event. The angel then pointed directly to Los Angeles, CA and showed me an event involving a very large tsunami-type wave approaching that city. He then pointed to Northern Mexico and showed me a major earthquake and volcanic eruption. Next, he pointed to the Gulf of Mexico and showed me a large earthquake in the Gulf which sent a large tsunami black with oil toward the shoreline. Lastly, he pointed his finger at a place near the Mississippi River between Memphis, TN and St. Louis, MO and showed me a large earthquake occurring along the Madrid Fault. The angel said that many dams in the Tennessee and Ohio valleys in this area around the earthquake would be broken or damaged severely. The major cities of St. Louis, Memphis, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans were effected along with many other communities. The experience ended after this was shown.

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