Symptoms of the Storm, Politics

There has been a great deal of talk about democracy and how democratic uprisings are beginning to take root throughout the world.  The globalists are treating current world uprisings like a rebellious youth coming of age, and despite the gross violence and acts of terrorism being utilized to usher in this momentous occasion, our governments have been encouraging and applauding it.  Is that simply the ugly underbelly of politics, or has it become the root of it?  If we were to look at the symptoms of the political climate today, what would the prognosis be and is it contagious?

I’m not the first to say it, but we are coming into a time where intolerance for tolerance is intolerable.  This mindset is spurring the governments around the world into a modern day crusade with as much religious zeal as any other secular religion.  It is always ironic whenever the media preaches separation of church and state.  When one person’s belief in an issue such as abortion is held at a greater value than another’s, and tax dollars are required to pay for such a belief, we no longer have democracy, we have one belief lording itself over another.  Why does it even matter?  It matters because our country and government was founded on the values and character displayed throughout the Bible, and democracy was envisioned and sought as a means of practicing individual beliefs, not imposing them on others.  Another illustration of this would be the multiple attempts of government funded organizations to enforce crippling regulations based on the dogma of global warming, but doing so while adamantly refusing to reveal the so called scientific evidence in which they base their beliefs.  This leaves you with a distinctly familiar feel to the Protestant transition from Catholicism, when the Catholics refused to translate what they were preaching from the pulpit.  More could be said, but let us leave this symptom with the label of belief.

There is a fine line between the establishment of laws and the assertion of control over the public, none-the-less there is a line.  It could be equated to the difference of discipline and punishment.  Discipline could be defined as a means of correcting and inspiring growth without acquiring anything through the prospective pain that could be derived, where punishment would be used to show superiority and cause demoralization.  When the government sets out guidelines on how to do things, and then enforces those guidelines with laws, it is to provide order, but when they open a back door for themselves, excluding themselves from means of accountability, it’s control.  Control is being established in ways that the world has never seen before, and it is being done under the guise of the greater good.  When our president is given the same level of supreme authority as the tyrants that our military has been so diligent in disarming, there is a problem.  Also, there must be continuity by insuring that one law cannot contradict a different law.  The ‘Occupy’ movement claims that their freedom of speech is being oppressed, while they themselves walk all over the rights of the people they claim to be representing.  This is a contradiction in the same way that the president of the United States acquiring the authority that he has been trying to abolish is a contradiction.  More could be said, but let us leave this symptom with the label of government control.

The word “contagious” has been utilized more than once concerning the status of the financial sector in Europe and its effect on the rest of the world.  But could we use the same rhetoric for the governmental climate?  You could point out how the so called Arab Spring has seemingly spread throughout the world, but that is not the contagion of government, but that of an anti-governmental anarchy with the hopes of restructure.  So, is anarchy then, a form of government?  Yes and no.  It is more an ideology with aspirations of becoming a form of government that eventually develops into a supposed Utopia with a communistic structure.  Anarchists would have you believe that such movements are grassroots and naturally evolving in nature, but there has never been a revolution without an instigator.  The simple fact that was registered two weeks before occupation ever occurred implies a premeditated orchestration of events.  Who then, is playing as the puppet master?  Unfortunately, that is not an answerable question, because it would imply that the ideology is being lead by one person or government and it is not.  Multiple governments and millions, if not billions, of people have been indoctrinated with such belief in a potential Utopia for generations.  Hitler was only one of many who promised that such a state of being would be realized in his lifetime.  Now we see a centralization of power being developed due to the propagated climate issues, rioting/protesting and monetary issues, so the question is not as much about a single puppet master as it is, which governments want to hold onto a string?  And just as Hitler had the backing of a sect of the Catholic Church, this movement has the backing of the Vatican.  More could be said, but let us leave this symptom with the label of centralization of power.

This brings us back to a long debated question, “do the means justify the end?”  Because the means in which people of power are manipulating governments and governments are manipulating people, would be shunned and detested if read in a history book.  The crusaders during their time were greatly praised.  Before Martin Luther translated the Bible into German, the Catholic Church’s rein over the people was widely accepted.  Hitler having Jews killed in the street was a means of cleansing.  Our world is so dead set on producing a Utopia, that the people in it will do anything to make their heaven on earth.  But, you can’t create a perfect society out of a fallen people.  Only Christ can take a fallen person and make them perfect, enabling that person to dwell in His perfect Heaven.

Written by Logan Smith, Streams Staff

Habakkuk 2:1
I will stand on my guard post
And station myself on the rampart;
And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me

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