Symptoms of the Storm, Geophysical

Instead of painting a broad global picture of what is taking place in the world today, I felt it necessary to underline the importance of recognizing and understanding the bias in which the information one encounters is being portrayed.  To do this, we will delve deeper into the different elements surrounding The Perfect Storm as individual root symptoms.  Nearly every article you read regarding geophysical events, will undoubtedly reference evolution.  Through propagation of this distorted belief the articles tend to be more focused on the need to disprove God than with the discovery.  Though many may argue that disproving God is not the main focus of such articles, my question to them would be, “then why state it?”  This doesn’t however, mean that we can’t learn something from the article.  In dissecting the means in which one comes to a conclusion, we can follow that logic back to its root and discern the key issues.  If we then observe the same discovery through biblical eyes, we can compare those key issues to what the Bible says, and leave the article with potentially useful information.

A solid example of this would be the discovery of soft tissue in the fossilized bones of dinosaurs.  This evidence came like a slap in the face to the scientific elite and they attempted to shoot it down with every flawed principle they have come to stand on.  At first, they were successful in producing doubt and, satisfied with the seed sewn, left the matter as inconclusive.  But when other dinosaur fossils were discovered to possess, soft tissue as well, instead of admitting to flawed doctrine in which their beliefs are founded, they simply stated their surprise at the lack of understanding when it comes to decay.  Why?  Because this sacred calf in the scientific community is the foundation on which evolution has been constructed.  If there were only 10,000 years since creation, rather than what they state as a conservative estimate of 14,000,000,000 years they have taught as proven fact, their means of measuring would be ruined.  A lot can get lost in all of those commas separating the zeros.  How many times did you count them?

Now we are faced with yet another scientific upheaval, and though the scientific elite cannot disprove it, they have sought ways to discredit the information by pointing out how the principles they have come to rely on don’t add up with the sum of the equation.  Common sense would then beg the question, are you sure that the principles you are basing this off of are integral?  When it was discovered that neutrinos can move faster than the speed of light, more conclusive retesting was demanded.  When those tests proved the same outcome under the hands of the skeptics, they said that it wasn’t possible.  Their explanation didn’t even dispute that the neutrino arrived faster than light, but that the level of energy still residing in the neutrino upon its arrival was inconsistent with what they know it should be.  So, does that mean that the neutrinos didn’t arrive there faster than the speed of light, or that our understanding of the means in which the particle retains energy is flawed?  The “scientific” approach would be to test both questions, but that would again be admitting that the sacred calves might not be the gods they have erected them to be, thus casting doubt on what they want to be true.  This is yet another measuring stick being placed against the backdrop of time and space and being found wanting.

Many may wonder about the significance of such discernment of information.  Does it really matter if God made the earth in seven literal days, if each of those days were a trillion years or if God even took part in the Earth’s creation?  C. S. Lewis, “Christianity, if false, is of no importance, and if true, of infinite importance. The only thing it cannot be is moderately important.”  With the same level of intensity C.S. Lewis drew the line in the sand about Christianity, we must know there are twelve inches in a foot, sixty seconds in a minute and whether there are around ten thousand or ten trillion years of existence.  All that we claim to know hinges on our ability to measure distance.  Some Christians may find this excessive, and I have heard it stated more than once that they simply show God’s love, and that there is no longer any room for apologetics in today’s society.  Unfortunately, that is exactly the conclusion society hopes you’ll come to so they can claim victory.  Paul knew the value of apologetics, and used them frequently when addressing the elite of his age.  Let us never forget that the Lord created all, and that never has He been confused on how He did so.

Now, with a new measuring rod in our hand, let us look at the frequency of events, and the patterns they hold, but let us be so bold as to investigate potentially unconventional culprits for these patterns.  One possibility which is often shunned and written off as an impossibility is the tipping of the Earth’s axis.  There are those who paint a very intense or even exaggerated picture concerning the tipping of the poles, but I think there is viable evidence to support the prospect.  First, let us look at the times in which serious earth quakes have been proven to have moved the earth off of its axis.  These earthquakes were all over 8.8s and occurred in Japan, Chile and 2004 Sumatran.  This proves one fashion in which the poles can be altered.  Einstein, among others, had mentioned the strong possibility of the poles tipping from the buildup of ice on the poles, where others have speculated the flipping of our magnetic poles having an effect on the axis.  Currently, the Earth’s magnetic poles are drifting forty miles a year.  Many scientists feel this may be evidence of what they say our planet is more than a hundred million years overdue for a pole reversal but despite the scientific communities admitted lack of understanding or knowledge of what takes place during such events, NASA continue to downplay the potential for geophysical anomalies or disasters.  Instead, we hear more and more about the alleged global warming and its being the root of all the earth’s problems.

Another possibility would be the interaction of the solar storms and our planets cloud coverage.  Many may point out that the Sun and clouds have been around for quite some time, so what has changed?  Many things have changed with why and how clouds are produced by governments, to say nothing for the frequency in which they do so.  Cloud seeding is not the only means of altering our atmosphere that our government has been practicing.  “HAARP is a scientific endeavor aimed at studying the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes.”  Could HAARP’s recreating the effects of solar radiation from the Sun have any possible fingerprint on the climate change in the North Pole?

When taking in all of the possible culprits to current geophysical events, we must weigh all of the possibilities, and in the same way we derive doctrine from the Bible by using the clear passages to discern the meaning behind the obscure, we must base the evidence against facts to discern the theory.  So, why have so many records been broken and eyebrows raised this year in relation to earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, flooding, drought, temperature, sea ice melting, wind, dust storms, CMEs, snow, speed of magnetic pole drift, strange storms, thunder storms, storms in uncommon places and the effects such events have had on wildlife?  Is there any sign of it getting better?

It is an overwhelming task to prepare for such a time as this.  I fear that many may fall into panic, but as John Paul has stated, “This is not a time for fear, this is not a time for sorrow.  This really, really is a time for those who know their God to do great exploits.  Trust Him, believe in Him, live for Him, draw close to Him and you’re going to find He’ll draw close to you.  It never fails.  Don’t make God too small; you can never make Him too big.”


Written by Logan Smith, Streams Staff
Habakkuk 2:1
I will stand on my guard post
And station myself on the rampart;
And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me

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