Symptoms of the Storm, First Edition

Americans know the difference between right and wrong, despite how the vast majority attempt to blur the line in the sand. It has been made abundantly clear that we know sexual misconduct is unacceptable. This has been proven in the ratings for Herman Cain after women started coming forward with testimony of harassment. With this said, I do not believe it is a coincidence that on the same day that Mississpi voters rejected the “Personhood Project”, the Internet’s governing body began accepting applications for .xxx websites from the adult entertainment industry. Concerns over the world’s population reaching 7 billion are raised, but abortion is pushed as the answer to this problem, while purity seems to fall by the wayside.

We have walked to the brink of war with our strongest allies, and left them to fight the war alone, with the pretense of it being for the greater good. Strong sanctions were used as a threat against Iran as their level of hostility rose with the revelation of its nuclear capabilities, but we backed down with the global economy’s need for Iran’s oil being our scapegoat. We did this despite having one of the world’s largest untapped oil reserves in the world, right here in North Dakota.

Israel continues their preparations for the coming war with Iran, despite the strong ties being developed with Russia and China. China opened its arms to multiple countries in the Middle East as they move to strengthen their version of NATO, the SCO. Russia has been less subtle in their views, criticizing sanctions and threatening against war.

America’s economy is far from being the only one hurting. The entire world waits for the catastrophe that it senses, but struggles to fully realize its extent.  We watch other countries in Europe such as Italy begin to topple, while countries like Greece begin to delve deeper into socialism as a means to an end. Even the Vatican has recently offered their two cents on how a “one world order” view of the world would solve a large number of the issues in it, and France’s top financial regulators agree.

Meanwhile, a new era of vigilantism is beginning to spring up, as the cyber hacktivist group, Anonymous, begins attacking everyone from racists to the Mexican drug cartel. The “Robin Hood Mentality” has begun with the protests around the world, demanding that what is yours should be made mine, a movement started by anarchist and socialist.

Geophysical events have no bias or sympathy for the current state of the world’s financial or political and humanitarian turmoil. Storms continue to surprise us all around the world. Russia, Canada and North America are all feeling the effects of a hurricane like blizzard, while an equally bizarre tropical storm develops over the Mediterranean Sea, battering France and Italy. Earthquakes continue to rattle the world more violently in some areas, and awaking presumed sleeping fault lines in others. Volcanoes are swelling like ripe melons, with the potential to explode at any moment, while others are busy erupting.

And yet, as desperate as these signs are they are still merely the calm before The Perfect Storm.


Written by Logan Smith, Streams Staff
Habakkuk 2:1
I will stand on my guard post
And station myself on the rampart;
And I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me

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