Preparing for the Perfect Storm is a John Paul Jackson resource that has been developed as a means of assisting people in their preparations for the future.

If you would like to share with us how you are Preparing for the Perfect Storm, we want to hear about it.



John Paul has broken these events down into 5 Elements.  This web site is a tool for preparing for these elements Spiritually and Practically. It is also meant to be an aid to help you track events that fall within the Coming Perfect Storm, though as John Paul mentioned in the Perfect Storm prophecy, “There will come a time when no one person can keep track of all that will be happening.”


“This is not a time for fear, this is not a time for sorrow.  This really, really is a time for those who know their God to do great exploits.  Trust Him, believe in Him, live for Him, draw close to Him and you’re going to find He’ll draw close to you.  It never fails.  Don’t make God too small, you can never make Him too big.”

John Paul Jackson


The Lord has continued to periodically reveal events, that are coming, to John Paul. If this continues, they will be posted on this site and spoken of in his monthly webinar, John Paul’s ISD Live.

Keep informed on News regarding The Perfect Storm, and please take the time to observe the video below that helps illustrate how the events of The Perfect Storm are taking place today.