“RoboBees” take first flight

After over a decade of work, the so-called “RoboBee” has taken flight. Harvard University Researchers have been dedicated to creating an insect-sized robot for years and the work has finally paid off. According to the researchers, the robot half the size of a paperclip and weighing less than a tenth of gram, was able to hover for a few moments… Read more →

Hagel says evidence chemical weapons were used in Syria

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday the U.S. intelligence community believes the Syrian regime used the chemical weapon sarin, a revelation that immediately raised the question of whether a “red line” had been crossed in the country’s civil war. Hagel confirmed the intelligence assessment, which was detailed in a letter to select members of Congress, while speaking to reporters on… Read more →

Yadlin: Iranian nuclear program crossed ‘red line’

Photo: The Jerusalem Post / Yaakov Katz Former military intelligence head: Tehran needs to make decision about nuclear program following Iranian presidential elections. Iran crossed the red line Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu set in his speech at the UN in September, former military intelligence head Amos Yadlin said on Tuesday. “By the summer, Iran will be a month or two… Read more →

In New Mexico desert, drone pilots learn the new art of war

Photo Credit: REUTERS/U.S. Air Force/Tech. Sgt. Effrain Lopez/Handout (Reuters) – The tide of war may be receding, as President Barack Obama is fond of saying, but U.S. military demand for unmanned drones and their remote pilots is growing. Here in the New Mexico desert, the U.S. Air Force has ramped up training of drone operators – even as the nation increasingly debates their… Read more →

Syria has used chemical weapons, Israeli military says

A senior Israeli military official has said Syrian forces have used chemical weapons against rebels several times. Brig Gen Itai Brun said military intelligence believed the nerve agent sarin had probably been used “in a number of incidents”. Syria’s government and rebels have accused each other of using chemical weapons. A UN team is trying to enter Syria to investigate…. Read more →

Iran triples installation of uranium enrichment centrifuges

Photo: Wikipedia Iranian technicians have tripled the number of uranium enrichment centrifuges they have installed over the past three months to 600, diplomats warned Wednesday. The high-tech machines aren’t yet producing enrichment uranium, the diplomats said in a CBS report, and some are only partly installed. But the report is worrisome, in that it is another sign of Iran’s move to develop nuclear… Read more →

Secret Service: Suspicious letter mailed to Obama

Photo: Reuters WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Secret Service says it has intercepted a letter addressed to President Barack Obama that contained a “suspicious substance.” Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan says the letter was intercepted at a facility away from the White House. He says the letter was received Tuesday. The letter comes a day after lawmakers said a letter was mailed to… Read more →

Envelope containing ricin sent to Sen. Wicker

An envelope thought to contain ricin was sent to the Capitol Hill office of Sen. Roger Wicker, lawmakers told Fox News on Tuesday. The letter to the Mississippi Republican was intercepted at an off-site mail screening facility and never reached the Hill. Authorities declined to comment on a suspect or any other aspect of the investigation being led by Capitol… Read more →

Nuclear Waste Barrels Litter English Channel

Photo: ARTE German journalists have discovered barrels of radioactive waste on the floor of the English Channel, just a handful of thousands dumped there decades ago. It was previously thought the material had dissipated. Now politicians are calling for the removal of the potentially harmful containers. Some 28,500 containers of radioactive waste were dropped into the English Channel between 1950… Read more →

North Korea states ‘nuclear war is unavoidable’ as it declares first target will be Japan

Photo: Express NORTH KOREA has warned Japan that Tokyo would be the first target in the event of a war on the Korean Peninsula, as it increased threats of an attack. In a commentary carried by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the communist country lashed out at Tokyo’s standing orders to destroy any missile heading toward Japan, threatening such… Read more →