Prophecies/ Insight

“Foolishness & A Change of Strategy” – Loren Sandford – November, 2011

It doesn’t take a prophetic voice to point out that our nation and our world are in trouble and that the trouble we’re facing won’t go away any time soon. The body of Christ must prepare to stand in the midst of it to exert influence for the kingdom of God, and the clock is ticking. It remains to be… Read more →

“The Debt Ceiling Crisis” – Loren Sandford – August, 2011

By the time many of you receive this, congress may have found a solution to the current debt ceiling crisis. The immediate danger may be averted – temporarily. The real issue, however, isn’t the budget, the debt ceiling or anything else as much as it is a philosophical battle over the direction of the country. This is the root of… Read more →

“The Heart of the Father & Prophetic Warnings” – Loren Sandford – April 28, 2010

The Father’s heart: I have not been alone in hearing from God and issuing a prophetic word that God is moving his people from the age of salvation to the age of the kingdom of God, from focus on self, personal healing and individual blessing into a focus on demonstrating the power of the kingdom of God beyond the walls… Read more →

“What about the Year 2012″ – Loren Sandford – September 24, 2009

In recent weeks I’ve found I can no longer turn to the History Channel (my favorite) without being confronted with The Nostradamus Effect, the Mayan calendar, the Chinese I’ching or even the Christian prophet, Malachy, from the 12th century, each of which has been said to have declared the end of the world in this time period. What about the… Read more →