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Biblical Grace Under Assault Part 2: The Ugly Face of Narcissism – Marc Dupont – November 14, 2011

Last year I wrote the first article focused on the growing misunderstanding and misapplication of God’s grace. In short, the first one dealt with the growing issue of many within the contemporary church of incorrectly perceiving grace as a license for doing what ever one desired to without any sense of consequences. It is false spirituality to claim to be… Read more →

Grace Under Assault – Marc Dupont – November 29, 2010

God’s grace does not give us the freedom to do what we like and get away with it. It releases the power of God’s Word and Spirit to become individuals conformed to Christ. Over the last few years a number of ministries have embraced a perception of grace that, Biblically speaking, is demonically distorted. True God given grace does not… Read more →

The Keys to Overcome Evil – Bobby Connor – January 26, 2012

For several weeks I have had numerous encounters with the Lord instructing me to sound the alarm and awaken the warriors! At 5:00 a.m. on January 8, 2012, this commission was confirmed and amplified by an extremely vivid prophetic dream. As the dream began, I saw myself in my office busily finishing a new book. Suddenly, I was summoned to the courts… Read more →

The Sovereignty of God – Joseph (Unplanned) Detours – John Piper – December 13, 2009

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps” (PROVERBS 16:9). As Jesus’ earthly father, Joseph, discovered in Matthew 1-2, that’s just another way of saying that when your plans are detoured and redirected, you find out who’s really charting the course. Nazareth. It felt good to Joseph to be back home. The same old market… Read more →

Facing The Future With Abiding Peace – Bobby Conner – January 02, 2009

The peace that God offers is not the absence of adversity, nor is it the end of trials and trouble. As followers of Christ we are not necessary immune from all difficulty. Nevertheless in the midst of pressing problems and overwhelming obstacles God always provides a way to escape. Even when our heart is broken and our dreams shattered and… Read more →

The Secret of the Ages: The Attitude of Gratitude – Bobby Conner – June 15, 2009

What is the secret that great kings, prophets, priests, martyrs and mighty apostles and lovers of God have always understood? When Abraham bound Isaac to the rock and lifted the knife, he understood this. When Caleb and Joshua looked at the rugged horizon beyond the wilderness, they understood this. When the disciples were shackled behind bars, they understood. What is… Read more →

The Antidote for Anxiety – Part 2 – Bobby Conner – December 01, 2009

Media Madness One of the most powerful avenues for confusion and chaos into our soul is the media—television, movies, newspapers and magazines. Much of the mainstream media has an agenda that is far removed from God’s plans and purposes, an evil agenda to mold the minds of the unsuspecting. Much of the media is motivated by political agendas: reporting truth… Read more →

The Antidote for Anxiety – Part 1 – Bobby Conner – December 1, 2009

Be Anxious for Nothing, Nothing…Nothing! American culture is a cauldron of fear, stress and anxiety. Nervousness and worry plague our business lives, home lives, social lives—and even our church lives. We live with silent murmurs in our souls: What if I lose my job? What if my child goes astray? What if he doesn’t…she can’t…we don’t…? We seem to work… Read more →

Guidance For These Days – Bobby Conner – November 2, 2010

In this time of global gloom, and deep darkness, when many are stumbling about in despair, being overwhelmed with confusion and doubt. We however as followers of Christ Jesus, have an awesome opportunity, we must grasp the keys of Divine Wisdom, knowing how to encourage yourself in the Lord, don’t wobble or grow weary, hold fast to your destiny and… Read more →