Drone shows shocking typhoon devastation

Karl Penhaul reports from the middle of the Tacloban devastation using a drone camera to get a bird’s eye view.

Sun expected to ‘flip upside down’ as magnetic field reverses its polarity

The sun’s magnetic field is about to flip upside down as it reverses its polarity.

In August Nasa said the reversal would happen in three to four months time, although that it would be impossible to pinpoint a more specific date.

Solar physicist Todd Hoeksema from Stanford University said that the reversal would have “ripple effects” across the whole of the solar system.

The Telegraph has the full article

November 18, 2013 (WASHINGTON, Ill.) (WLS) — Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn was set to tour the state Monday to visit some of the towns hardest hit by tornadoes over the weekend. At least six people in Illinois were killed.

Deadly clashes rage in typhoon-ravaged Philippines as survivors fight for food and water

Deadly clashes rage in typhoon-ravaged Philippines as survivors fight for food and water

Driven to despair, survivors of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines turned to looting in search for food, water and medicine amid reports of warehouses and shops attacked in the aftermath of one of the strongest storms ever recorded. As essential supplies dwindled, tensions rose. Since the storm hit the islands five days ago, residents have broken into homes, shops and… Read more →

The strongest typhoon to hit the Philippines this year caused widespread damage across the country on Friday, uprooting trees and sending locals running for cover.

By 5pm local time (0900 GMT) on Friday,Typhoon Haiyan – one of the strongest storms ever – was centred to the west of Aklan province on Panay Island, 320 kilometres (200 miles) south of Manila, after blasting the island resort of Boracay.

The huge, fast-paced typhoon raced across a string of islands from east to west – Samar, Leyte, Cebu and Panay – and lashed beach communities with over 200 kilometre (125 mile) per hour winds.


Typhoon Haiyan one of the biggest storms ever

CNN Chief Meteorologist Chad Myers says Typhoon Haiyan could be one of the biggest storms that the planet has ever seen.

A solar eclipse swept across parts of United States, Africa and Europe, temporarily blocking the sun.
The eclipse was a “hybrid” eclipse, where some parts of the world saw an annular or partial eclipse, while others were expected to see a total eclipse where the moon appears to completely block out the sun.

An annular eclipse occurs when the moon’s orbit is at its furthest point from the Earth and closer to the much larger sun. That juxtaposition allows the moon to block more than 90 percent of the sun’s rays when the two orbs slide into alignment in space.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon moves between the sun and the earth, blocking out the sun from the areas in the moon’s shadow. Without the sun’s light, the sky darkens enough for stars to be seen and the sun’s corona makes a spectacular halo around the moon.

Worst Storm of Decade Hits London Commute, Severs Power

Millions of U.K. commuters were told to stay at home and more than 220,000 properties lost power as southern England’s worst storm since 2008 blocked rail tracks, severed electricity cables and closed a nuclear power plant. Winds peaked at 99 miles per hour at 6 a.m. today on the Isle of Wight, according to the Met Office, which issued amber weather warnings,… Read more →

A magnetic filament of solar material erupted on the sun in late September, breaking the quiet conditions in a spectacular fashion. The 200,000 mile long filament ripped through the sun’s atmosphere, the corona, leaving behind what looks like a canyon of fire. The glowing canyon traces the channel where magnetic fields held the filament aloft before the explosion. Visualizers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. combined two days of satellite data to create a short movie of this gigantic event on the sun.

Is there a link between oarfish and earthquakes?

With two oarfish washing ashore in Southern California last week, scientists are wondering why and if an urban legend that they could be predictors of the next big earthquake is true.