Isaac’s Surge Tops Levee, More Rain Than Katrina

Isaac raked the Gulf Coast with punishing winds and relentless rain, causing flooding that overtopped a levee south of New Orleans on Wednesday, the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Plaquemines Parish spokesman Caitlin Campbell said water was running over an 18-mile stretch of the levee early Wednesday and that some homes had been flooded. The levee, one of many across… Read more →

California Earthquake Swarm: More than 300 aftershocks struck the same approximate epicenter

BRAWLEY, Calif. – A series of small to moderate earthquakes that shattered windows and knocked trailer homes off their foundations is putting people in this small farming town east of San Diego on edge as they continue to feel jolts that scientists said could last for days. The largest quake, registered at a magnitude 5.5, struck at 1:57 p.m. Sunday and was centered… Read more →

No warning before volcanic eruption

Aucklanders may get only a day or two warning of a volcanic eruption and will know just hours before where it will explode, a scientific paper says. The 1.4 million people living on the Auckland volcanic field make too much noise for existing instruments to hear what is happening below the surface. “This means that localisation of a future eruption… Read more →

‘Super volcano’ could kill millions near site of Pompeii

The eruption of Mount Vesuvius near Naples, Italy, in 79 A.D. killed thousands of Pompeii residents and remains one of the most famous volcanic explosions in history. But scientists say a hidden “super volcano” in the same area has the potential to kill millions. “These areas can give rise to the only eruptions that can have global catastrophic effects comparable to… Read more →

Wildfires destroy acres of rare Greek forest

A raging fire on the forested Greek island of Chios burns tens of thousands of acres of pristine forest, including scores of mastic trees, that are unique to the area and a large part of the island’s economy. The fire started in the early hours of Saturday morning, with gale force winds pushing it southward. Billowing brown smoke choked the… Read more →