Torrential rain, 70mph winds and flood warnings as gales hit Britain

Britain was braced for torrential rain, storms and widespread flooding today as hundreds of people prepared to evacuate their homes. The Met Office predicted severe gale force winds up to 70mph, heavy rain and floods across much of Britain, as blustery autumn weather blows in. The Environment Agency has issued nearly 120 flood alerts and warnings, with “immediate action required”… Read more →

Drought area expands in northern U.S., eases in south

(Reuters) – The worst drought to hit the United States in a half century expanded in the upper Midwest and northern Plains states in the past week due to warmer- and drier-than-normal weather, but loosened its grip on some central and southern areas of the country. Nearly 65 percent of the contiguous United States were under at least “moderate” drought… Read more →

Rare ‘fire devil’ caught on film

Nature’s not much for subtlety. Just ask Chris Tangey, who watched in awe as a 100-foot-high whirlwind of fire tore around a patch of Australian outback Tuesday Sept. 11. Tangey, a filmmaker, managed to capture some very rare footage of the startling phenomenon while out scouting locations near Alice Springs, Australia, according to The Australian. One term for the event he recorded,… Read more →

Japan not ready for Mt Fuji eruption

In the foothills of Mount Fuji, a festival to the gods of the mountain. “We’re trying to calm the fires of Mt Fuji, you know to stop it erupting.” “There are lots of examples where volcanoes have erupted after a nearby Magnitude 9 earthquake. That’s what happened after the Kamchatka, Chile and Sumatra quakes. So there’s an increased chance of… Read more →

Mt. Fuji: Pressure Rising

Iconic Mt. Fuji hasn’t erupted since 1707. But ever since last year’s giant earthquake and aftershocks, volcano-watchers have speculated that new tectonic pressures could be lighting the fuse. The latest warning comes from the National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Prevention. Japanese press reported Thursday that researchers there concluded the March 11 quake and one aftershock four days later near… Read more →

Powerful quake hits Costa Rica, two dead

(Reuters) – A powerful earthquake rocked Costa Rica on Wednesday, killing at least two people, sparking landslides, knocking down buildings, and briefly triggering a tsunami warning. Striking a tourist region popular with Hollywood stars, Costa Rica’s worst quake in over two decades sowed panic in the capital, disrupting power supplies and communications, and caused an entire hospital on the Pacific… Read more →

Strong 7.9 quake hits Costa Rica, tsunami warning issued

(Reuters) – A strong 7.9 earthquake rocked Costa Rica on Wednesday, rattling buildings and cutting power in some areas of the capital of San Jose, a Reuters correspondent and the U.S. Geological Survey reported. The quake hit close to Samara, a coastal area on the Pacific some 151 kms (94 miles) from the capital city. A Caribbean-wide tsunami watch is… Read more →

At least 1 dead in 7.6 Philippine quake, small tsunami reported

A 7.6-magnitude quake struck off the eastern coast of the Philippines late Friday, killing at least one person in a house collapse, knocking out power in several towns and generating negligible tsunami surges. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center has canceled all tsunami warnings and watches, saying that local agencies may still have advisories out, but the threat of a destructive… Read more →