Floods in northern India wash away a whole apartment block. Read more…

The three-storey building in Uttarkashi was hit on Sunday night amid heavy flooding that has inundated large swathes of Uttarakhand state.

Dramatic footage filmed on a mobile phone and broadcast on local television showed the building collapsing and tumbling into the river.

(CNN) – Heavy rains and 60 mph winds pounded the west coast of south Florida from the Keys to the Tampa area Thursday morning, the National Hurricane Center reported.

The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season — Andrea — could bring gusts that approach hurricane-force (74 mph or stronger) in the afternoon, but forecasters said in an 8 a.m. alert that the system won’t have enough opportunity over water to strengthen into a hurricane before its center reaches the coast north of Tampa.


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Photo Gallery: Floods Sweep through Central Europe

As flooding continues across Central Europe, the eastern German city of Dresden is bracing for near record high water levels. Some residents have already evacuated their homes.

Though some areas reported improved conditions, flooding continued across Europe on Wednesday, with the eastern German city of Dresden bracing for near record water levels.

Officials in the baroque city said that they expect the Elbe River to continue to swell, though it is unlikely exceed levels seen in the disastrous flood of 2002, which caused widespread damage in eastern Germany and neighboring countries. Authorities are preparing for evacuations all along the Elbe, and some residents have already been forced leave their homes in Dresden, where electricity was shut off as a precautionary measure in some places.

Northwest of Dresden, the Saale River has reached its highest level in 400 years, said officials in Halle, where volunteers are working to stabilize a weakened dam with sandbags. Flooding has also reached a critical point in nearby Dessau, which has been put on the highest level of flood alert.


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Severe floods are crippling large parts of central Europe. The Czech Republic, Austria and Germany are the worst affected, with at least eight deaths reported.

Mississippi flooding

Photo: The News Star The Mississippi River is again flooding about 8,500 acres of farmland in East Carroll Parish’s Bunches Bend, which suffered a spectacular levee failure during the Great Flood of 2011 that wiped out $10 million in crops planted there then. Producers have since repaired the original breach on the northern end of the levee through a special… Read more →

Flooding threatens already drenched Midwest, South

(CNN) – A powerful spring cold snap brings more rain and snow to a soggy U.S. heartland Wednesday, putting more pressure on riverside communities from the upper Midwest to the Deep South. The residents of Grafton, Illinois, north of St. Louis, will see the worst of the floodwaters through Friday as the Mississippi River peaks at more than 11 feet above… Read more →

Mississippi cresting but Midwest flooding still a concern

GRAFTON, ILL.The Mississippi River is topping out at some problematic spots, but there is growing concern that spring floods are far from over. The river was at or near crest at several places Sunday between the Quad Cities and near St. Louis. Some towns in the approximate 100-mile stretch of river from Quincy, Ill., to Grafton, Ill., reached 10-12 feet… Read more →

2012 was warmest and second most extreme year on record for the contiguous U.S.

2012 was a historic year for extreme weather that included drought, wildfires, hurricanes and storms; however, tornado activity was below average 2012 marked the warmest year on record for the contiguous United States with the year consisting of a record warm spring, second warmest summer, fourth warmest winter and a warmer-than-average autumn. The average temperature for 2012 was 55.3°F, 3.2°F… Read more →