Michigan approves right-to-work legislation amid intense protests

The Michigan Legislature on Tuesday gave final approval to contentious “right-to-work” legislation, in the face of raucous protests in the capital and stern warnings from Democratic lawmakers. “There will be blood, there will be repercussions,” State Democratic Rep. Douglas Geiss, speaking on the House floor on Tuesday, warned ahead of the votes.   Fox News has the full article

Palestine Liberation Organization calls on EU to ‘reconsider’ relations with Israel

Hanan Ashrawi of the PLO Executive Committee says Europe must follow words with actions to condemn “settlement activities and the rise of settler violence.” The Palestine Liberation Organization called on the European Union on Tuesday to “reconsider” it’s political and trade relations with Israel over what it called “provocations.” The EU said on Monday that it was “deeply dismayed by… Read more →

California Leads U.S. Pay Giveaway

Nine years ago, California Democrat Gray Davis became the first U.S. governor in 82 years to be recalled by voters. The state’s 20 million taxpayers still bear the cost of his four years and 10 months on the job. Davis escalated salaries and benefits for 164,000 state workers, including a 34 percent raise for prison guards, the first of a series of steps in… Read more →

U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030

New technologies, dwindling resources and explosive population growth in the next 18 years will alter the global balance of power and trigger radical economic and political changes at a speed unprecedented in modern history, says a new report by the U.S. intelligence community. The 140-page report released today by the National Intelligence Council lays out dangers and opportunities for nations,… Read more →

Ryan: Welfare Spending Could Have Paid Every Poor American $20,000 in 2011

Speaking Tuesday at an annual dinner honoring the late Jack Kemp, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) said the federal government could have taken the trillion dollars it spent last year on welfare programs and instead given a check for $20,000 to every American living in poverty. “Just last year, total federal and state spending on means-tested programs came to over one trillion dollars,”… Read more →

Senate Republican leader blocks debt limit vote

(Reuters) – Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday prevented a simple majority vote on a proposal to give Democratic PresidentBarack Obama unilateral power to raise the debt limit. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid brought the measure to the floor for consideration at the request of McConnell. But McConnell refused to permit a vote after Reid said it could pass with… Read more →