UN Calls Vatican’s Pro-Life Stance ‘Psychological Torture’

Taking a break from its lopsided assault on Israel, the United Nations has trained its cross-hairs on the Catholic Church by saying the Vatican’s anti-abortion stance “psychological torture” against women should be repealed at once, reports The Washington Examiner.

The suggestion came at a meeting Monday in Geneva where the United Nations Committee Against Torture charged the church of forcing women into having “dangerous abortions,” a sentiment the Vatican has soundly rejected.

The UN also questioned the negative effect the church’s anti-abortion stance has had on women’s minds, saying the “restrictions amount to psychological torture.”

“They are almost blaming the Catholic Church for unsafe abortions,” said Ashley E. McGuire of the group Catholic Voices USA. “The church doesn’t believe there is anything as a safe abortion.”

This does not mark the first time the United Nations has criticized the church for its beliefs. Last January, the Committee for the Rights of the Child issued a report blasting the church for its past sex scandals and commanded they drop their stance on abortion, contraception, and gay marriage.

“Abortion is among the most egregious forms of torture than can be perpetuated against a child, and attacking the church’s moral and religious beliefs violates the religious liberty of the church, a human right which the United Nations affirms. Yet, the U.N. Committee Against Torture seems to be setting the stage that if you are pro-life you are pro-torture,” said McGuire. “There is a strong bias against the Vatican.”

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