Megyn Kelly Destroys Rep. Frank Pallone

Wednesday evening’s The Kelly File featured a contentious discussion between host Megyn Kelly and Congressman Frank Pallone (D-NJ). The exchange centered on the President’s “you can keep your health insurance plan” promise. Mr. Pallone’s contention was the forced Obamacare insurance cancellations had nothing to do with Obamacare. Instead, Pallone said, that the insurance companies canceled the policies voluntarily because they knew no one would buy a “lousy plan.”

Kelly asked: “We are struggling to understand how Ms. Sebelius can say the President kept the promise, that specific one, ‘if you like your health care you can keep it, period, I guarantee it,’ when we have seen 2 million Americans have their policies canceled so far, and the estimates are that it will top ten million.”

Pallone shot back:

You can keep it as long as the insurance company agrees to continue to sell it. But the problem is a lot of insurance companies now have been caught, a lot of them are selling lousy plans at a high price that are skeletal and don’t provide any benefits. So they are now cancelling those lousy plans in which case many of them are a scam, and saying we are not going to sell this because nobody will buy it, and we’ll give you a better plan that has better benefits at a more affordable price. The President never said he could stop the insurance companies from cancelling plans. This is a private market. This is a competitive market.

Pallone continued to recite his two talking points – that an industry governed by over thrity thousand pages of new regulations where companies are forced to sell government designed products to a public mandated by law to purchase that product is somehow a private, competitive market, and that the plans currently disappearing were lousy – ad nauseum, scarcely allowing the host to speak, much less pose any questions.

Even when confronted by a clip of HHS Secretary Sebelius giving testimony that contradicted his position, Rep. Pallone continued reciting his mantra. Finally, Kelly blasted Pallone: “Why do you get to decide what’s lousy? Why can’t the American people say, ‘it’s lousy for you, for me I like it’?”


This is a copy of the full article provided by Truth Revolt

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