Around 5,000 schools closed amid snow chaos across Britain

Forecasters predicted freezing temperatures and further snow showers today would add to commuters’ woes. This morning ice and snow grounded planes, left roads impassable and caused severe delays to the rail network.

Icy road conditions led to the death of one man in Essex last night while a woman in her 20s was discovered dead having collapsed in the snow.

The wintry weather is also causing chaos in the skies. Heathrow has cancelled 131 flights, about one in ten of the number scheduled for today, while East Midlands airport, Robin Hood airport near Doncaster and Leeds Bradford airport are all closed. Birmingham Airport was also experiencing delays.

National Rail warned anyone travelling by rail today to be braced for another day of delays and cancellations as at least eight rail networks faced severe delays.

Temperatures are likely to be very cold though with the thermometer struggling to get above 1C in London or above zero in eastern parts. Tonight it could reach -10C in some rural parts of the south.

Tomorrow brings further risk of snow while south west England, and even parts of Hampshire, could see between 5-10cm.

They have issued severe weather warnings across large swathes of the country. Orange ‘be prepared’ warnings, the second highest level of alert, have been issued for snow across Yorkshire, North East England, North West England and Scotland.

Yellow ‘be aware’ warnings, the third highest level of alert, are in place force across London and the South East, South West England, East England and Wales, while yellow warnings for snow have been issued for the East Midlands, Northern Ireland, East England and Scotland.


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